Dilli Neo Jupiter a Pioneer of Narrow-Format UV Printing Industry

Narrow-format UV printers are recently becoming popular, but our records show the Dilli Neo Jupiter UV-cured printer has been around since at least 2006. It might have been launched before, but we began to notice it towards the end of 2006.

Unlike wide-format UV printers, this type of printers are not designed to print outdoor signage but for other kind of applications such as souvenirs, novelties, nameplates, and other specialized applications such as circuit boards and semiconductors.

Printer Specifications, a Review of Advantages

The advantage of the Neo Jupiter over other narrow-format printers is that the Dilli printer has a print width of 1m x 1m (39”x 39”) whereas other brands have a print width of half that size. The Dilli Neo Jupiter comes with 5 heavy-duty Spectra Galaxy printheads, whereas other models come with less strong Epson printheads. As for the media thickness, Dilli’s machine handles up to 12 cm (4.7”), while other models only accept media up to 5 cm (1.97”). As for the ink colors, it comes with CMYK and White.

Because the Dilli Neo Plus and Dilli Neo Venus are increasingly popular via the Agfa versions, Dilli itself is not always exhibits them independently. Dilli has the same printers in their booth as Agfa had in their booth a few meters away (each with different names).

Dilli makes a diverse range of UV printers, but not all Dilli models are rebranded by Agfa: the Dilli Neo Jupiter does not have an Agfa version.


The Dilli Neo Jupiter flatbed printer shown at DRUPA 2008.


Saati briefly used the Dilli Jupiter flatbed printer to resurrect the Aellora SureFire TKMP1000 and its hybrid UV ink
The Dilli Jupiter small-format flatbed printer was first shown, if I remember correctly, at SGIA 2006, or perhaps at ISA 2006. It was shown with little fanfare, and then was not shown again (that I noticed) until it reappeared as the Saati Jupiter, a replacement for the discontinued Markem Aellora SureFire TKMP1000.

The rise and fall of the Aellora hybrid UV ink chemistry is an interesting chapter in the history of inkjet printing. This was a hybrid ink, not a hybrid printer chassis (the Aellora SureFire TKMP1000 printer was a dedicated flatbed).

Saati hired at least one of the former Aellora people for their rejuvenation of the Aellora SureFire TKMP1000 and hybrid UV ink concept. Saati used a Dilli Jupiter dedicated flatbed printer to create a semblance of resurrection of the Aellora SureFire TKMP1000 with the hybrid UV ink concept.

But after being displayed at SGIA ’07, Saati cancelled their flatbed UV printer project and the staff went their separate ways. At DRUPA 2008 (May 2008), Dilli reintroduced the Jupiter on its own (not as an OEM to someone else).


Samples by the Dilli Neo Jupiter flatbed UV-cured inkjet printer.


Dilli Neo Jupiter flatbed UV-cured inkjet printer at SGIA 2006.


The Dilli Neo Jupiter flatbed UV-cured inkjet printing some samples at SGIA 2008.

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