Sign Africa 2013 Exhibitor List Johannesburg; next year it will become FESPA Africa 2014, so should have an even larger exhibitor list

You can experience an exhibitor list for Sign Africa 2013 including UV-cured printers, latex printers, laminators, coaters, inkjet inks, media, substrates, and cutters at Sign Africa (plus traditional signage, and also office printers).

FLAAR has attended Sign Africa every year now for about three four years. I enjoy the venue and intend to return in 2013. There are FLAAR Reports on Sign Africa at least the last three years. The expo evolves each year; in 2010 the two floors of the expo hall were better coordinated with each other.

There are hotels within a block walking distance. All restaurants are within a block walking distance. This part of Johannesburg is probably more safe than downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

This is also a good time to take a wild animal safari, before, or after the sign expo. So far I have been to busy to take a safari, but perhaps in 2013.


Nicholas Hellmuth during one of the several lectures that he presented at Sign Africa 2008.

I had the pleasure of giving three lectures for Sign Africa 2008, so I have first-hand experience with this event. Whereas most speakers fly in and out and show up only for their lecture, I stayed every day at the Sign Africa trade show. In fact I met a lot of readers of FLAAR Reports in Johannesburg and made lots of new friends. Some of the people attending the lectures said they came to the trade show specifically to have access to FLAAR. Since then I have returned every single year. Now you can see why FLAAR is known around the world: there are not really any other companies and definitely no trade magazine which sends teams to cover each continent.


Lecture audience attending the presentation by Dr Nicholas Hellmuth, FLAAR Reports, on using UV curable flatbed printers for unique applications (printing on stone, wood, glass, ceramic tile, etc) where you can earn more profit than printing merely billboards or banners.

There is now a separate FLAAR Report on Sign Africa trade show every year, so I won’t repeat on this web page what is already in this full-color PDF. But I would like to add comments on their magazine, Practical Sign & Display. If you are in this part of the world it helps to have a local magazine to see who are the key distributors and for which products.

The 2012 exhibition main event was in Johannesburg, 22 to 24 September, at the Sandton Convention Centre. This is conveniently located in the middle of the safest part of the city. There are plenty of hotels within one to three blocks easy walk. I walked back and forth every day, something I would not think of doing in downtown Guatemala City (I live in this city, but far away from the downtown).

Practical Publishing also has events in Part Elizabeth, Durban, and Cape Town. Plus now also n Bloemfontein. These I have not yet visited, so I will defer comment until perhaps I can experience these cities and the signage, display, and graphics fairs there.

A growing new printer distributor in Durban has offered to fly one of the FLAAR technical writers to the 2014 Durban Roadshow, in order for us to visit the headquarters of the distributor and do a report on his printer. So we hope that Pablo Martinez will cover the Durban Roadshow in 2014.


GSW (Graphix Supply World) is one of the large and successful distributors in South Africa. They offer Matan, Mimaki and a dozen other leading brands, including cutters, textile printers, inks, etc.


Practical Sign & Display trade magazine South Africa by Practical Publishing.

Sign Africa 2013 is this week, 21-23 August

I arrived two days early to recuperate from jet-lag and also to see what was being exhibited before the expo actually opens. For example, I was curious how many of the Memjet 42″ printers would be present. So far I have seen one of the four.

Xante was totally absent from a recent expo in the UK which is not a good ad for either Xante or for Memjet, but it would be great if this MEMS printhead technology actually functions out in the real world.

All the major brands were present: Agfa, efi VUTEk (via Antalis), Fujifilm, HP (via Midcomp), Mimaki (via GSW), Oce, Roland, Seiko II, SwissQprint.

Missing is Gandy Digital, who also were not exhibiting any more at APPPEXPO in Shanghai. Have not seen any Durst printer yet. Hopefully Durst will return to FESPA Africa 2014, and it would be nice to see a stronger presence of Mutoh here in South Africa. Roland and Mimaki and Seiko are all strong here.

Lots of calendaring machines for dye sublimation via transfer paper.

New presentation from FLAAR Reports at Sign Africa 2013

Dr Nicholas Hellmuth will give a presentation on current trends in wide-format digital printing. This subject will cover UV-cured flatbeds, textile printing, latex ink (to replace solvent ink), and diverse other subjects.

The premier printer & signage trade magazine for southern Africa

The trade magazine, Practical Sign & Display, is dedicated primarily to wide-format inkjet printers. So not to offset, not to office duplicators, not to variable data or label printing: purely on the subject: wide-format inkjet printing and associated aspects of signage. Dyelan Copeland and Charnia Yapp are two of the many capable people running this magazine.

Practical Publishing company offers both the #1 English language trade magazine in South Africa as well as the premier signage, display and graphics trade show for this part of the world.

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