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FLAAR offers a variety of consulting services for the inkjet printing industry, including manufacturers as well as end-users in printshops of all sizes and applications. Equity investment analysts on commercial printing increasingly seek after FLAAR.



Our consulting services are valuable for manufacturers, distributors, dealers of any size, investment companies, universities, museums, as well as print shop owners, operators, and individuals. FLAAR staff can conduct professional services on-location anywhere around the globe, we have consulted in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Latin America, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, and across the United States and Canada.

We can provide consulting services at different locations: your company facilities, factory, sign shop, or at a trade show.
FLAAR staff have been trained in the R&D departments of wide-format printer companies around the world, as well as in paper mills (media), ink labs, lamination and many other components. FLAAR has experience, on-site, around the world, for decades.

FLAAR consults on UV-cured flatbed and UV-curable roll-to-roll applications, textile printers, RIP software, inkjet printers in general, inks, media, and lamination. We also provide knowledge on market trends. Several printer companies have come to us to ask assistance in acquisitions (either them acquiring another company, or preparing themselves to be acquired).

The difference between reading the FLAAR reports and web site, compared to retaining FLAAR staff for an on-site visit, is that we can provide fresh information not yet published in the written reports, or posted on the web site. Therefore, an on-site consultation with FLAAR staff is invaluable to keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in professional printing.

tradeshows-services-flaarConsulting at Trade shows

If you will attend any of the international digital printing trade shows, you can make an appointment for a consulting breakfast or a consulting dinner with the FLAAR staff, including the day before or the day after each of these shows (though obviously most meetings are scheduled in the morning or evening of every exhibit day).

The advantage of booking FLAAR the morning before or the evening after any of the days of either of these trade shows is that all the products are on the trade show floor.


FLAAR staff has lectured on wide-format printers in Dubai, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, India, Korea, and naturally around the US. Our staff can lecture both in English or Spanish. These lectures can be at your company head quarters, private lectures (under NDA), conferences and workshops.

FLAAR includes discussion of those wide-format printers, inkjet inks, media & substrates or equipment where we have visited the international headquarters, main demo room, and factory of the brand.


Magazine Articles

FLAAR has written for SIP magazine in Germany, VisComUp in Spain, ME Printer in Dubai, Practical Publishing in South Africa and Digital Graphics magazine in the US. Our articles in ME Printer magazine are read in Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and most of the other countries in that entire region. Our articles reach the rest of Africa via Practical Publishing in South Africa.

Again, all our articles can be written both in English or Spanish, since our staff is bilingual.


FLAAR writes different kinds of reports:

  • General introduction to trade shows
  • Reports on specific topics (printers, inkjet inks, media and substrates, equipment) at a trade show:
    • Lists
    • Comparative tabulations
    • Information about TRENDs in the market
  • Short or long FAQs on a specific piece of equipment (one printer model, a type or brand of media or ink, a specific piece of finishing equipment)

Contact Info

If you wish to hire FLAAR as a consultant to come to your company, please contact [email protected].

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