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Efi Escada

Innovation in corrugator control

For more than three decades Escada Systems has provided cutting-edge solutions for the packaging industry; gaining vast experience through interfacing with both industrial and office equipment.

On 2017, Electronics For Imaging (efi) acquired Escada System, and since then has been providing innovative technology that delivers comprehensive control and traceability in shop floor system integration within the corrugated industry worldwide.

Escada provides both hardware and software expertise for a complete plant-wide solution. All Escada Systems are designed specifically to interface with different models of machines and other control systems. The integration of systems is based on high performance, reliability and modularity throughout all applications. Each modular sub-system is capable of being commissioned separately as priorities and budgets allow, building finally into a totally integrated system.

Optima Integrated Roll Stock System

This software operates using RFID or barcodes, delivering efficient paper management, reducing stock levels by optimizing the use of part-rolls and allowing you to order less paper based on known requirements; giving visibility and traceability of paper usage, allowing to ensure that customers’ needs are met, and help reduce paper upgrades.

Syncro 7

Corrugator control system, covers every phase of corrugator application, from the roll stands through to the take-off conveyors. Syncro 7 ensures harmonious operation through flexible interfaces to any mixture of machines, delivering maximum performance every time.


Process control system, which operates as a ‘recipe’ based system. Profile will check the quality of the produced board at the dry end, process the information, and make adjustments at the wet end. Offering a huge reduction in waste and energy consumption, which, combined with increased run speeds.


This software deliver bespoke solutions or utilize applications to manage your sales and drive your product through your plant, whilst having a complete vision of the process. Vision takes supervisory control of stacks leaving the corrugator through to dispatch, by communicating with conveyors, palletizers, strappers, converting machines and office systems.


Perform efficient and rapid analysis data from all Escada control systems, making it easier to oversee the entire operation. Each Escada product has been developed to communicate as much information as possible, which enables to analyze detailed findings through this data reporting system.

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