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EFI Pro 30f, a sturdier UV-curing flatbed printer


Over the last two decades, EFI has positioned itself as one of the top brands of wide-format and superwide-format printers, especially in the roll-to-roll segment.

And although its combo transport belt printers handle rigid boards perfectly, there seemed to be  a gap in the dedicated flatbed segment.

After all, the best media feeding mechanism to handle rigid boards is a dedicated flatbed printer. 

In that sense, at FESPA 2019 EFI launched the EFI Pro 30f, a sturdy UV-curing dedicated flatbed printer that is a next step in the flatbed segment after the company had introduced the EFI Pro 24f flatbed printer years earlier.

The EFI Pro 30f has a print area of 3.05 m x 2.04 m which is wider than the traditional 2.5 m flatbed

What’s the difference between the EFI Pro 30f and the Pro 24f?

As you probably already know, EFI has different families of products, not only based on the types of inks or applications, but also based on different tiers or price ranges.

The EFI VUTEk printer family is the high-end group of printers and the EFI Pro is the entry-level family.

In the following chart we compare the main specifications of the EFI Pro 30f and the Pro 24f so you can see the difference between each model:

As you can see both entry-level printers offer high print quality with resolutions of up to 1200 dpi. As for the colors, both come with CMYK and two channels for white ink.

EFI is now integrating the Ricoh Gen5 printheads across all of its UV-curing printers, including these two UV-curing flatbed printers.

Having white ink on a flatbed printer is a tremendous advantage because of the multiple applications you can produce with it. 

However, since both models offer white ink, in terms of productivity it is important to mention that printing with white does affect the print speed specified by EFI for CMYK-only.

Advantages of the EFI Pro 30f

With a print width of +3 meters, the EFI Pro 30f is a more production-oriented UV-curing printer, but the size does not compromise the print quality. This model also offers the 1200 dpi resolution needed for short-range POP signage.

This larger table means the Pro 30f is 973 ft2 faster than the Pro 24f.

Compared to other entry-level printers, this model is an integrated solution because the RIP, the ink and the hardware are manufactured by EFI.

The EFI Pro 30f comes with standard CMYK and two channels for white ink

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