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Just released: Free Reports: discussion of SuperWide UV-curing Printer Options

FLAAR-REPORTS was flown to one of the many factories of efi VUTEk in February to do print samples and inspect three different series of superwide roll-to-roll UV-curing printers.

Based on that visit, we now have four reports on the software and hardware options on different topics that will help you better understand the upgrades and innovations made on the new EFI roll-to-roll UV-curing series:

  • The EFI VUTEk 3r+/5r+
  • The EFI VUTEk D3r/D5r
  • The EFI Pro 32r+

You can download those 4 publications for free:

EFI-VUTEk-STRUCTURE-Factory-Visit-2020-Melgar-Hellmuth-FLAAR-REPORTS EFI-RTR-Printers-Full-Evaluation-3r+-D3r-Pro-32r+models-option-4-01

Plus a 1-minute video of Dr Nicholas in the factory discussing the options with Hanan (over a decade with experience focused on roll-to-roll grand format UV-curing printers). The report you can download here, or on the full page following this link.

Accessories in the grand-format segment:

EFI roll-to-roll UV-curing printers and Optional Features

When a wide-format printer offers high volume production and at the same time is capable of producing high quality printing, you would probably think there is little room for innovation and improvement.

But EFI has found a way to help customers beat their competitors in additional fields: user friendliness and versatility.

The new EFI VUTEk and EFI Pro roll-to-roll models are designed to offer multiple features and options to make the printing workflow faster, but also to enable print businesses to offer diverse innovative and creative possibilities with white ink and clear.

While white ink itself is not new, what counts is the number of print modes specifically created for white ink; these options make the EFI ecosystem (printers + software) capable of many creative applications.

We at FLAAR-REPORTS don’t make this type of claim unless we have witnessed the capabilities of a printer first-hand, at a factory, demo room or in a real life print business.

In early 2020, (before everything closed around the world) Dr Nicholas was flown to one of the EFI VUTEk roll-to-roll factories to evaluate several models. We did print samples in the factory.

Dr Nicholas took notes on three models, the

  • EFI VUTEk 3r+  (and its 5-meter version, the 5r+)
  • EFI VUTEk D3r  (and its 5-meter version, the D5r)
  • EFI Pro 32r+

Over the following weeks, we will be publishing a series of reports based on that insightful visit. The first one on the EFI Optional Features for roll-to-roll printers is now available.

Some of the most interesting built-in features and the optional accessories are covered in the report that is made available totally free.

In other words, EFI has several other optional features that make their printers arguably the most adaptable and all-around roll-to-roll printers in the high-end spectrum. This report highlights only a few of them.

This design approach of custom-made configuration, means that even if two print businesses have the same EFI roll-to-roll model, it is unlikely they will have the same features enabled.

A brief example, a customer can order two Y-slitters, but EFI has a customer who ordered twelve.

As mentioned before, this is the first publication. Over the following months we will be issuing more articles in PDF format on the recent EFI roll-to-roll printers.

efi factory visit Nicholas Hellmuth video FLAAR Reports
You can also see Dr Nicholas for 1 minute discussing some of the options with Hanan, head of high-end grand format roll-to-roll UV-curing printers.

Updated December 2020

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