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ESKO Kongsberg C Edge at FESPA 2019


In 2019, Esko has focused on creating a product for its customers. To give them the necessary tools to solve their problems in the cutting automated industry.

Esko introduced the new Kongsberg C Edge at ISA International Sign Expo 2019. Later they also exhibited their most recent creation in Germany, at FESPA Munich 2019.


Esko’s booth at ISA 2019, showing the new Kongsberg C Edge.

From the Kongsberg C series that Esko offers, the Kongsberg C Edge model offers a balance between price and performance, since it is a mid-range router. This new cutter has fewer attributes than the rest of the C series cutters, however Esko made it clear that this cutter is created to be able to grow along the customer’s business, making this cutter the perfect investment for people who are just starting something that could potentially grow.


Esko’s Kongsberg C Edge right in FESPA 2019 exhibiting its performance.

This cutter has two main approaches of use, for production of corrugated material and for signage production. The dimensions of the material you can print are 68×146 inches at a maximum speed of 75 meters per minute or translated at 49.5 inches per minute.

“We offer the costumers a variety of choices. One area we wanted to do more on is a machine more of a mid-level speed… the great thing about this machine is that it speed and performance is above other platforms that are out there in the market today” – Chris Miller, Vice President, North America & APAC at Esko.

We as FLAAR-REPORTS also recommend watching some applications of décor you can take into consideration for the use of this CNC cutter.


This is a set of table and chairs made with corrugated material that also works as POP material, exhibited at FESPA Munich.


Create big things or little details for your customers.


The Kongsberg C Edge definitely work for signage like we can appreciate at Esko’s booth.


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