How to decide which inkjet ink to use?


To evaluate an ink, a printer, a flatbed cutter, a kind of printable media or material, it is essential to visit the factory and also to visit end-users.

We explain how we at FLAAR-REPORTS find good inks, functional printer brands, and innovative printable media.


Over a decade of experience evaluating inkjet inks

Pablo M. Lee and Dr Nicholas Hellmuth have each over a decade of experience evaluating ink for inkjet printers. Maria Renée Ayau has over a decade of experience doing research on ink for wide format textile printers. We would like to share what we have learned with the over 700,000 people around the world who read the FLAAR Reports.

  • 1st: it is helpful to visit the ink factory and meet the key people.
  • 2nd: it is essential to visit print shops that are using this brand of ink to learn how the ink functions out in the real world.
  • 3rd: it is crucial to keep track of the ink company to learn whether their key chemist(s) have left or whether the company has changed course. We have seen several examples where ink companies lost their original key chemist(s) and when companies have decide to make cheap after-market ink (rather than quality ink at international standards).

Earlier this year we visited the A.T. Inks factories. Notice the plural: they have several factories. We visited each one.

We then visited four or five print shops that were using A.T. Inks. Each company was focused on printing on either glass, textiles, metal, etc. (so innovative applications, more than just traditional signage.

So you can look forward to a progressive series of FLAAR-REPORTS on UV-LED curing inks and on their textile inks.



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