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Océ Colorado: UV Gel Ink Printers


Océ Colorado 1650 is the latest addition to the UV-curing roll-to-roll printers from Canon. The Colorado series includes the Colorado 1640 and the Colorado 1650.

We have seen the Colorado 1640 printers in many tradeshows allover the world since 2018, and have now seen the Colorado 1650 printer in action most recently at FESPA Global Print Expo last May in Munich (2019).

One advantage of the Colorado printer series is the fact that you can have two media rolls online to simplify the production management with automated switching and media feeding. This helps you waste less time and perform unattended automated printing.





Advantages of UV Gel

Curing UV gel inks requires low temperature; this allows the user to print onto thin and heat sensitive media. This is a significant advantage over other UV-curing printers since it widens the media range you can use.

UV gels can produce both matte and glossy finishes regardless of which media you are printing onto by using Océ FLXFinish with their inks.

Canon has also improved their ink to make it more flexible and stretchable, and they claim it can be bent, folded and even wrapped without ruining the prints. This we have not yet seen and cannot confirm or deny the veracity of this statement, which seems plausible.


Frontal view of the Océ Colorado 1650 at FESPA Global Print Expo 2019.


How does UV Gel ink work?

The gel ink inside the printhead is heated and turned into a liquid and turned back to the gel state on contact with the media, which is at a constant temperature thanks to the temperature-controlled platen.

Full UV-curing takes place when the complete image is formed on the media, the ink bonds instantly and then is LED cured; which makes it completely dry before it is wound-up.


Close-up of the Océ Colorado 1650 ink bottles.


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