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Platens for T-Shirt Printer Applications


T-shirt printers are characterized by their efficiency, automation and customization, compared to serigraphic process (screen printing). Machines such as the Brother GT-3 Series has grown in popularity in recent years, as have others in the market. At APPPEXPO 2019 for example, many Chinese companies also offered high performance machines for printing t-shirts and promotional items in the market.


Yicai is one of the many brands that China can provide t-shirts printers for their customers around the world.

In scree printing and direct printing of garments, platens are used to hold the garment into place so it is stamped with the desired image or design.


To print different items we can see the different platens that exist. They come in different sizes and materials, so you can choose according on your budget and the specialization of your company.

There are several suppliers of platens, but the best and the most recommended thing to do is to talk with the printer brands to see if they have platens available for their users.


Many of the desktop t-shirt printers have basic rectangular platens, but these pieces are interchangeable according to what you want to print.



OmniPrint for example has a printer that allows you to print two items at once, which then increases the performance and efficiency of the printer.

The market has definitely evolved and become more demanding. Using all available resources to create profits has always been the goal of large companies, therefore, t-shirt printers also evolved to print on different products such as socks, shoes, cup holders, caps, etc.

The use of different platens helps the printer have the correct support so it can easily print the different desired articles. There are platens destined to print sleeves, bags and back of the t-shirts for example. There are also others platens that help print caps, ecological bags for advertising and even shoes. In the trade shows, we usually see Converse or Vans shoes to show the application of the ink in the material, but you can really print on any desired fabric-made shoe, creating a unique item.


In these photographs you can see the applications that the t-shirt machines can offer. From caps to shoes, and from fashion tees to company uniforms, you really have a great range to choose from.



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