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Apollo Ink Water Based inkjet Ink for Outdoors


During 2010, wide format water based inkjet market represented 78% of all large-format printers sold worldwide.

But what is exactly water based ink?

The simple answer is that water based ink is any ink which uses water as a base to carry the pigment. A rule is that for short-term indoor use, water-based inks are fine. However, to protect large-format prints against the elements (water, wind, and sunlight), you should laminate water based inkjet prints if you plan to use them outdoors.

The need to coat media for outdoor applications makes this type of ink not such a popular choice for printing for exterior use.

Fortunately Apollo Ink, an international inkjet ink manufacturer, gave an upgrade to the formula of this type of ink returning it to the track of the demanding digital market.

During APPPEXPO Shanghai 2019, we had the opportunity to get in touch with this upgraded technology; to later fly to head quarters of Apollo Ink (Jiyang, China) where we could test and review first hand this technology, that promises to come to revolutionize the digital market in both economic and ecological aspects of the industry.



During APPPEXPO Shanghai 2019, we had the opportunity to get in touch with this upgraded technology.

The ink is compatible with Epson printheads heads (5113, 3200, DX4/5/7, TX800, XP600)

It can be applied on: vinyl, flex, leather, reflective film, transfer film, wall paper, cloth, canvas, PP, PET, etc.

The almost imperceptible smell makes this ink useful for both outdoor and indoor applications.



Health and environmental oriented, can be used both for indoor or outdoor.


Pablo M. Lee ink specialist doing water resistant tests at Apollo Ink head quarters.



Waterproof water based ink with no need for lamination.

Aqueous printers use a water-based ink that is environmentally friendly. You can set the printers up in any office environment with no harmful fumes. Just plug them into a regular electrical outlet plus they require no special ventilation and you will get amazing prints with the finest resolution.


CEC, SGS and ROII certified


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