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UV Desktop Printers, The best prints are not always measured in meters

3D composition by de autor.

When we talk about direct printing on different materials such as aluminum, wood, cardboard, plastic, acrylic, etc. we do not think that this process as digital. This type of printing has always been done with screen printing, pad printing, etc. Today we have a digital printing solution with UV-curable ink, with many advantages over other types of printing, since the demand for a fast, quality, efficient and economic system is the goal of many industrial markets. I’ve been in the wide format printer industry for several years now, although I’ve certainly dedicated my time to solvent printer technology, other types of technology have caught my attention, such as UV-curing desktop printers.

ERICK-HT6090-desktop flatbed-UV-printer-165148

Desktop UV flatbed printer. (Model: Erick-HT6090) (FLAAR-REPORTS archive)

The most striking is all the applications that these types of printers allow and the amount of printable materials. Some of the examples are the following:

Promotional items: it is ideal to personalize pens, golf balls, key rings, or cups. Some of the printers allow us to customize each article with names, photos and other elements. So if you want to start your promotional business or for your own company this type of equipment has great advantages.

Recently at APPPEXPO I had the opportunity to see how Mimaki printed headphones and different technological devices. One of the people of the booth told me that white ink with high opacity is used with which you can create very bright texts and graphics.


Sample by FD EEC tech. (FLAAR-REPORTS archive)


Mimaki UJF-3042. (FLAAR-REPORTS archive)

Mobile phone cover machine: One of the most common things in trade shows is to see how companies promoting their equipment with the live printing of cases for the cell phone. Most of these companies use some transparent and black as their main materials, some plain and others with relief.

Other applications: cylindrical objects, photos & art, leather, fabric, acrylic, glass, PVC, plastic, metal items, etc.


Sample by Nocai with a UV desktop printer.


What advantages does it offer?

Its great versatility and high quality direct printing on an incredible range of materials, products and substrates (plastics, acrylics, wood, metals, rubber, ceramics, glass, etc.)

The drying of the print is immediate, thanks to the UV LED lamp of low energy that allows printing on substrates that are sensitive to heat.

They also print with white ink, which is used as the basis of the images to give more opacity to the print and obtain sharper results and a better contrast. This option is essential for transparent materials and for printing on the back of the substrate.

In other trade shows we can see in the exhibition examples of trophies, gifts of frames for photos, recognitions for people.

So take into consideration that the best prints are not always measured in meters since regularly these prints come in small sizes and are really impressive.


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