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A.T. Inks Rex-Tone Industries Ltd. Factory Visit

Just right after FESPA 2019, Pablo M. Lee (FLAAR-REPORTS) and Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth (FLAAR) had the opportunity to visit A.T. Inks factory in Vadodara, India. The largest inkjet ink manufacturing company in India.

Just right after FESPA 2019, we had the opportunity to visit A.T. Inks factory in Vadodara, India. A.T. Inks is the registered trademark and brand name of ink products sold by Rex-tone Industries and is the largest inkjet ink manufacturing company in India.

Rex-Tone Industries Limited has a long history in the world of colors. After 31 years of working with multinationals in the dyes and textiles field, Mr. Harish Goswamy founded this company in 1994.


A.T. Inks is a family company with many years of experience in the industry. Pablo M. Lee (FLAAR-REPORTS), Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth (FLAAR), Harish Goswamy (A.T. Inks) and Nitin Goswamy (A.T. Inks)

The headquarters are located at Mumbai with production and research and development facilities located in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

During this visit we had free access to the demo room, R&D labs, and the entire factory where we could observe the ink manufacturing process and see test prints of their wide gamut of inkjet ink products.

The first thing we could observe during our visit is the technical and intellectual capacity of the A.T. Inks team; all this in combination of the most advanced technological resources with which they have an advantage in this competitive market.

Their staff is highly qualified and experienced and has been involved in multiple aspects of the color business acquiring knowledge and experience in both impact and non-impact printing on different substrates.


The R&D department is conformed by a very capable team, who are constantly in the search for the development of new products.

A.T. Inks covers a wide variety of ink products compatible with wide format digital printer inks: solvent, eco-solvent, ceramic, UV, UV-LED, water based.

Thanks to its good quality and reputation the company has been growing little by little and is now composed of five architectural complexes (and they already have plans for the construction of a factory where all the areas will be together) thanks to which it manages to keep its multiple clients around the world supplied.

In the R & D department, they are always innovating to keep up with the vanguard technologies and thus fulfill the expectations of their products or to solve the needs of specific clients.


Ceramic ink printed sample.


Neon ink printed sample.


Textile ink printed sample.

A.T. Inks also has its own factory of dye pigments in which it produces its own compounds, thus obtaining independence from the international market of supplies for the manufacture of inkjet inks.


By having their own factory dye pigments do not depend on third parties for the manufacture their products.

During the visit to the factory we could observe that the ink manufacturing process is fully automated, eliminating a lot of the possibility of failure due to human error.

The whole process of research, development and manufacturing of the ink is carried under strict quality control.


Prior to shipment, A.T. Inks quality control team performs rigorous testing to ensure that the product meets the company’s high standards.

Visiting the factory and some customers is a good way for to better understand the capabilities, experience, and dedication of a company.


We also learn a lot when we visit print shops that are using inkjet printer and toner printer products.

If you are a substantial printing company and would like to switch to A.T. Inks, contact: Nitin Goswamy at [email protected]

Updated July 2019.


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