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3D printing has become a growing solution; more often it’s the right choice in order to produce large-scale replicas and 3D models. This has been clear for us this past 2018, where many companies have developed 3D printed vehicles, stage replicas and advertising materials.


3D printed Electric Vehicles

X Electrical Vehicle, XE is an Italian company that developed a 3D printed electric vehicle that can be tailored to the client needs, it’s very lightweight at around 450 kilograms; they are planning on mass produce it this year and have already received around 7,000 preorders, many from companies that will use the car for delivery, and other as rental.


LSEV, the Italian 3D printed electric vehicle, made with Polymaker Industrial materials. (cnbc.com)

The car consists of 57 plastic parts that are produced in just three days, considering this level of productivity, the company assures they can handle customized orders and they are doing so in a manner that is changing the way in which the industry manufactures cars.


APWorks, a German based company developed an electric motorcycle with a frame that has been entirely 3D printed from aluminum powder. The powder is fused layer by layer thanks to a powerful laser, the whole bike weights around 35 kilograms.


The Light Rider, a 3D printed aluminum frame electric motorcycle, made by APWorks. (apworks.de)

The frame consists of a geometrically complex pattern that gives the motorcycle great stiffness at a low weight, each layer of metallic powder is round the 30 micrometers high, the powder is aircraft grade aluminum and offers similar mechanical properties as titanium.


3D printed stage props

Colorzenith an Italian-based company, used a Massivit 1800 to 3D print a replica of a Lancia B24, to be used in the “Don Pasquale” opera, performed in Europe’s major opera house, La Scala in Milan, Italy. The set designers required a lightweight and fast produced prop car for a scene and decided 3D printing was the way to go.


The 4.23-m long car replica was 3D printed in four parts in under four days. (massivit3d.com)


The Lancia B24 3D printed replica can be seen on stage. (operaclick.com)

This 3D printed props have become an affordable way to create fast props, the moviemaking and theater industry is facing radical changes thanks to this new 3D printing applications.


3D printed fashion and wear

Adidas Futurecraft 4D shoe, footwear manufactured from recycled ocean waste, the company has produced 3D printed prototypes and made available a limited edition of this 3D printed shoes.


The adidas FutureCraft 4D sneakers consist of a 3D-printed midsole, crafted in partnership with the tech company CARBON (adidas-group.com)

Digital Light Synthesis is a process engineered by Carbon, the process uses digital light projection and liquid resins that use light and heat to produce the shape to generate the final product, this process is also known as DLP 3D printing, a type of stereolithography.


The adidas FutureCraft 4D sneakers consist of a 3D-printed midsole, crafted in partnership with the tech company CARBON (adidas-group.com)

The method used to produce the shoes is a solution to one of the biggest drawbacks with 3D printing processes, mass production. 3D printers are generally used for prototyping or small batch production making.

Source: CNBC, Apworks, Massivit, OperaClick, Adidas.



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