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HP Latex R1000

A few weeks ago, HP introduced its Latex R1000 for both rigid and flexible media that can be used both for indoor and outdoor printing. This printer uses waterbased latex inks that cover the media without adding a thick layer on top, so you can still feel the texture of the substrate.


Ink colors include traditional CMYK, light cyan, light magenta and white, plus HP latex overcoat; all these come in three-liter cartridges. So there are nine thermal printhead channels in total, one for each color and overcoat, and two for white.

One of the innovations of the R1000 is the use of HP white latex ink, which is highly glossy and HP claims it does not yellow like UV ink; so far we have no conflicting thoughts. At ISA 2018, we had the opportunity to see the launch of the HP latex white ink, with its new re-circulating system to avoid ink sediment, which was when the R2000 official announcement was made.


“Print service providers are looking at new ways to increase production and expand applications by investing in innovative print technologies such as rigid and white ink to embrace all the possibilities of print,”

said Joan Pérez Pericot, General Manager, HP Large Format Graphics Business, HP Inc.

“The new introduction to our HP Latex R Printer Series delivers a versatile and innovative print solution for medium-sized businesses to unlock print opportunities and drive growth.”

The HP Latex R1000 is the smaller version of the R2000; the first is designed for growing businesses with investment and space restrictions, while the later is designed for large-signage printer service providers.


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