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The World of Décor from a CNC Cutter Perspective

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Most people have already heard of the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology in different areas of the industry.

If not, basically CNC is the term commonly used for an automated tool machines that use sequences of machine control commands to perform a task run by different programs; like CAD for example.

The wide-format printing industry has taken advantage of this system and has applied it to it demands, from POP and publicity to even Décor applications.


Types of CNCs

There are different types of CNC machines with different purposes and features that allow us to achieve the most ambitious projects, but out of all of this technology the market has to offers us, there are three big areas based on the materials and the following technologies:

Hard materials (metals, stone, wood or thick acrylic boards) – air, water, laser and plasma CNC cutters



Water, laser and plasma based CNC: perfect to cut through hard materials such as metals, stone, wood or thick acrylic boards. This type of technology really speeds up the process of cutting and welding any type project you’re doing.


Wood and Acrylic Materials – CNC Routers


CNC Router: this technology allows you to carve wood to make custom pieces and different designs more easily, again it’s all about the workflow.

Rigid and Flexible Media (PVC, Honeycomb, Paper, Textile, etc.) – CNC Cutters


CNC Cutter: used to cut rigid and flexible materials, such as honeycomb or textile. The most common uses right now are packing and décor applications.

The world of décor is as big as your imagination

With this great technology the limit is your imagination. With the ultimate technology available on the market the only thing you should focus on, is which market you want to produce your products for.

A lot of interior designers can now rely on different companies that make furniture or decoration according to their needs or their decoration concept.


You can see in the example, that you can use a laser cnc cutter to make a circle pattern for wall decoration. Photo by:


This is also an example of a plasma cnc cutting through an acrylic board.

Laser and plasma CNCs are be really powerful tools you can use to produce things you couldn’t imagine. Meanwhile CNC cutters also contribute to the world of décor in different ways because of the materials they can use.




To give you an example, this can be produced with a CNC cutter. There are a lot of brands out there that can help you achieve what you want.


You can even make different types of furniture, for the office, bedroom, living room, etc.

Wood is an important part of the décor world, it really helps create a mood for any environment, according to the concept, it adds enough value to the finished product. Woodwork is an art that has been practiced for centuries, with today’s technology this technique can be performed faster, more accurately, more uniformly and in a cleaner way.




FLAAR-Reports Archive.

Acrylic also has many applications in décor, such as buildings or apartments, using also LED technology to illuminate the patterns or designs inside it.


The results you can obtain with a router on an acrylic board are amazing. Acrylic material can be hard to handle but with the right CNC it shouldn’t be a challenge.


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