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Metis SURF 3D “ColorGATE edition”


With the ambition to offer solutions that can turn real colors, natural structures and light reflections into digital inkjet printing images, ColorGATE (with over 20 years supporting the printing industry) and Metis Systems (with over 40 year of experience in digital imaging) worked together to develop a Scan-to-Print solution based on the Metis SURF 3D Scanner in a “ColorGATE edition”.

ColorGate software and Metis hardware combination allows designers and manufacturers of decorative surface applications to capture natural surfaces and to transform them into a new combination to produce unlimited veneers for furniture, tactile phone cases or any decorative surface.

During FESPA Berlin 2018, we had the opportunity to witness the results and capabilities of this capturing and digitalization solution that ColorGate and Metis collaboration brought to the market.


ColorGate booth. FESPA Global Print Expo 2018, Berlin. FLAAR Reports Photo Archive.


Metis SURF 3D “ColorGATE edition”. FESPA Global Print Expo 2018, Berlin. FLAAR Reports Photo Archive.

Metis SURF 3D “ColorGATE edition” hardware is a high-speed surface digitization technology that acquires surface properties in 3D, including color, glossiness and depth information from materials like wood planks, leather, stone, textile and wallpaper, as well as fine art.

With this capturing and digitalization solution its possible to setup complete digital creations and production workflows from a scan, ensuring that the acquired surface data can be printed on any of the supported digital printing systems, that accept multilayer or multi-pass ink-laydown of special fluids (white, varnish or glossy ink).

The Metis SURF 3D “ColorGATE edition” captures a surface description that includes color definition, depth structure, high-resolution color image including embossing data and a reflectivity map that represents the surface reflection property. These surfaces descriptions can be used to reprocess the lighting conditions, in terms of its direction and intensity, in order to change the visual appearance of the image without the need of re-scan the images.


The system comes with a sophisticated design and manipulation software to easily edit and model the captured surface description data. FLAAR Reports Photo Archive.


Surfaces depth structure information can be visualized, modified and stored in an embossing depth map. A reflectivity map describes the reflectance properties of a surface with its characteristics like reflections and shadows. FLAAR Reports Photo Archive.

Another feature is the new option to use Metis color scanners as color profiling devices in conjunction with ColorGATE RIP Software. Metis scanners can be extended with ColorGATE software for generating ICC Profiles for digital print system characterization.

“We are excited to collaborate with Metis a leader in their field that shares a similar business philosophy as we do which puts the customer’s objectives results in the center of the activities. Jointly we can now close the gap between digital Input and Output and provide workflows that produce the expected”

Thomas Kirschner, CEO and founder of ColorGATE.

“We find this cooperation with ColorGATE a great opportunity as we have a lot in common with them. ColorGATE is a company with a tremendous and unique technological background. We also have technology in our DNA and both our companies have been always looking for the future. Therefore, it was very natural for both of us to share ideas and then combining the efforts to address common issues that positively affect our customers”

Silvia Colagrande, President and co-owner of Metis.


Metis SURF 3D “GolorGate edition” workflow. Photo courtesy ColorGate.


Source: FLAAR Reports

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