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Why is UV printing trending on the market?

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UV- Curing printing has become more and more popular because of it’s diverse effects, high precision, flexible batch, and no need for screening. The key point is that UV printing has few limits due to the wide variety of printer structures; we at FLAAR Reports classify them according to the following chart:


On today’s market, the demand has become more customized with high-precision, eco-friendly features and high efficiency is a must for UV-Curing printers. So, what are the advantages of UV printer?


Fast response and reduction of worktime

By handling UV-Curing printing technology the customer can get finished products in 2 to 5 minutes. The size may be up to 5 meters wide; the process is short, and the product comes out right after the printing without steaming and washing or any post processing.


Eco-friendly, reduction of pollution

No need to use water, which means there is no mess. A special software controls the UV-Curing printer and the ink consumption is defined depending on the demand. No waste and sewage pollution, the printing process generates no excessive noise. It is an eco-friendly production process.


UV printing has rich color and sharp image

UV printing presents rich color, no matter if it’s a full color image or printing with gradients and it can reach a photographic effect.


UV-Curing printers may print 3D texture

With a strong high-fidelity perception and comfortable touch, handling white ink can print an image with a 3D texture, letting the color print a vivid image and dried right after printing, because of its main feature which is a combination of light and ink that reacts to it, so that it dries immediately.

Sure all of these previous features depend on the quality of each of the UV-Curing printers we evaluate and for you to get to know all of the details of each of the printers we have seen this 2017 and previous years you can shop or get free reports just by clicking the next link. Click here

Source: APPPEXPO 2017.

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