Virtual Exhibition (Coming Soon)

Today’s worldwide situation in which most of the international exhibitions have been suspended or postponed is leaving many manufacturers without the opportunity to launch their so expected new products and technologies. Not to mention many end-users who looked forward to 2020 to see what news this decade would bring to them.

This situation has made many business go digital to be able to offer products and services through websites and other digital media channels, looking for a solution so they can continue to be present in the market and therefore producing and selling.

DPI INSIGHTS and FLAAR-REPORTS have over two decades being media partners as well as consultants for wide-format printing exhibitions around the world.

We believe we are all in this together and that we have a great opportunity to support each other so we can all move forward.

That is why DPI INSIGHTS together with FLAAR-REPORTS creates “DPI Virtual Exhibition”. An online exhibition in which your company will have a virtual booth (webpage) in which you can display your latest products or technologies through videos, photos, news release or any visual support material.

DPI Virtual Exhibition is a public space where any printing-related brand can promote its products, services and make product launches through informative videos and motion graphics. Providing opportunities to manufacturers, distributors, end users and potential customers to meet in a virtual space; where they will have the opportunity to understand your products, technology and applications, and why not, also schedule a personalized demo.

Also you you can place promotional banners on our homepage with a link to your virtual booth. Plus, to maximize the exposure of the page we will create posts on our social media networks as well (both DPI INSIGHTS and FLAAR-REPORTS Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin).

For more information feel free to write us to [email protected]

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