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XAAR 2001+ Printhead for Ceramic Decoration


Although the ink and printing material play an important role, a good printhead plays an extremely important role since it is responsible for firing the ink in the most appropriate way.

The Xaar 2001+ printhead was first introduced in 2016, anyone would say that after three years of its launch this head would have been replaced by a more recent design. But it is not the case of Xaar 2001+ which thanks to its innovative technology has managed to stay on top as the first day of its introduction.

The Xaar 2001+ printheads deliver versatility in digital ceramic tile and glass decoration, which gives the opportunity to tile manufacturers to manage a very wide range of designs.

The printhead jets one color at 720 dpi or two colors at 360 dpi each; it is available in three drop sizes and has 2000 nozzles which deliver high productivity with a broad range of oil-based inks. If you need fine details the Xaar 2001+ GS6C printhead will be just right for you, the Xaar 2001+ GS12C to balance detail and laydown for a wide range of tile designs and the Xaar 2001+ GS40C to achieve the highest laydown for special effects.

The Xaar 2001+ printhead family has high-resolution quality that can replicate smallest features such as rock veins and grains of sand, and reproduce the subtle gradients found in onyx and marble. Effects such as gloss, adhesive, luster and metallic, which can further provide significant impact, are easily produced with this printhead operating in High Laydown mode, as it can discharge up to 170 g/m2 at 25 m/min line speed.

The Xaar Print Bar System is a highly flexible and complete inkjet system that can be integrated with a wide variety of equipment to add single-pass digital printing capability. It is available in print widths of 140 mm up to 560 mm and prints at speeds of up to 75 m/min (depending on the application) and can handle a wide range of inks and fluids, including spot colors, protective lacquers, high-build spot and tactile varnish, heavily pigmented high-opacity over- and under- whites and cold foil adhesives.


In addition to the features already mentioned the printhead has more advances to provide better quality:

  • TF Technology continually recirculates ink past the back of each nozzle at a very high flow rate during drop ejection, so air bubbles and unwanted particles are carried away
  • XaarGuard minimizes ink build-up on the nozzle plate, reducing maintenance to once per shift or less
  • Tuned Actuator Manufacturing enables uniform print quality across all printheads in a print bar, making replacing printheads and balancing print bars easier and quicker
  • XaarSmart reports ink temperatures and printhead status in real-time so that printer performance can be automatically adjusted to deliver consistent print quality throughout the production run.

The Xaar 2001+ deliver versatility in digital ceramic tile and glass decoration, which gives the opportunity to tile manufacturers to manage a very wide range of designs.


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