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3D printed moon lamp side by side to its 3D model version. (thingiverse.com)

As 3D printers become more affordable, it’s easier to buy one and even use an online printing service to order custom 3D printed objects on demand, from flower pots to complex lamps, having unique and somehow odd decoration has never been so accessible.

There are several things one can 3D print to use as home décor, here we list some common choices and some examples

  • Flower Pots and vases: this is probably one of the most typical objects to print as home décor, and the main reason is that you can find very different and exotic 3D models already available online for free, for example:

3D printed Vase designs by Libero Rutilo, these designs allow to use a plastic bottle to keep the plants watered at all times. (Courtesy of designlibero.com)


  • Lamps: maybe one of the mostly used and a hard not to include in this list, there are several ways you can innovate and print creative and beautiful night lamps. One of the most impressive designs is a scale copy of the moon, where you can see in detail the craters and when lighted up it looks identical as the real full moon would (as shown on the cover photo)

Nexus Wave 3D printed lamp. (cgtrader.com)


  • Furniture: Some of the most useful of all the mentioned, but also the hardest and more expensive to achieve, printing a customized piece of furniture is not a simple task, even if you already own a 3D printer. It’s very unlikely that you can print it out in a single run, you will probably need to divide your 3D model into several pieces in order to be able to print it at a good or decent scale (this depends on what you are trying to materialize in the first place, but generally your average furniture piece is bigger than what a standard 3D printer can handle).

At the left you can see a 3D printed shelf that has different sized pieces, on the right you can see a 3D printed table (with glass top) and chairs.


  • Wall décor: art is one of the many ways to make 3D printed wall décor, from a 3D printed skyline view or some faux 3D printed animal mesh parts are some ingenious ways to give your home a sophisticated touch, you can as well print functional and beautiful objects such as a key chain holder or a coat hanger.

3D printed skyline of Seattle. (3dprintingindustry.com)


3D printed bull mesh wall décor. (shapeways.com)


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