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SPG Pike 700 for Décor Printing

SPG Pike 700 printer.

SPG Printing is a Dutch company that has been in the printing market for over 60 years developing industrial printers for the growing customer needs. They manufacture machines for rotary screen-printing for textiles, labels and industrial markets as well as digital printing.

For the digital printing market, SPG has developed the Pike 700 UV inkjet printer manufactured for both short and long productions runs.

Pike décor can be customized for end-to-end industrial applications by adding an in-line UV flexo coating/printing system (for a uniform glossy finishes, spot varnishes and flood coatings) or a rotary screen coating/printing system (for high impact looks and special effects). Each of these finishing steps are UV-cured on a chilled cylinder, for an optimized finished product.



The Pike 700 can also have a pre-treatment unit incorporated at the front end of the printer; a corona treatment unit comes with the Pike 700 by default to prepare the surface for optimal ink adhesion.

All these simplify the printing process and eliminate steps, as everything is in-line, plus it also saves time and money.


The UV-curable inks used by the Pike 700 are pigment based and are odorless after UV-curing; these are manufactured specifically for this printer.

The Pike 700 can print for décor and any other type of application because its inks are not only compatible with a wide range of materials but are also safe and have been responsibly resourced.

Since this printer is also destined for packaging printing, it is important to state that the inks are compliant with the Nestlé Standards on materials in contact with food and the Nestlé guidance notes on packaging inks. You can also be sure that all the raw materials have been selected in accordance with the exclusion criteria within EuPIA guidelines.

The Pike 700 décor printer has been developed with specific technologies at different stages of the printing process, all of which are compatible with each other since they have been specifically developed and selected.


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