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Is digital advertising the greenest version of advertising?

COVER The greenest version of advertising is digital advertising_

One of the biggest trends in the past few years has been taking care of the environment, including simple things as not littering in the street, rivers or polluting the environment with toxic waste, etc. But also correctly managing the waste produced by printed advertising material that is generated on daily basis throughout the world; whether these are flyers, banners, boxes, and thousands of other options. Nowadays we can find hundreds of companies dedicated to taking care of the environment, even many companies in the printing industry have innovated and created environmentally friendly products and materials as well as recycling programs.

I have always thought we must maintain a balance between what we create and how that product can be discarded or destroyed without having many consequences for the environment. We should not only think about selling a product knowing that the misuse of it can affect our planet. Definitely printed materials are of great help in many ways but we should not fall into the exaggerated and unnecessary production in order to seek a monetary benefit for the company. In the world of printing there is a subject that I found curious and irresponsible at the same time, many owners of printers throw ink waste into the toilet or sink. There are regulations for ink disposal so the waste does not end up in the rivers, but in some countries it is not taken seriously.

But does it stop there? How about when social networks or web pages are filled with a large amount of advertising, banners and popups that make us have a rather unpleasant user experience. So I ask you a question … what do we call this, digital pollution?

In recent years the use of social networks has had incredible growth and it has been mostly due to creativity and innovation. Many things that we used to do today can be done in the comfort of our home or work, many companies have had to migrate from printed products to taking to an online version. A clear example of this is the newspapers around the world whose sales have declined considerably due to the easy access we have of the news on the Internet. Creating digital contact cards has decreased the use of business cards, and creating Instagram or Facebook coupons and banners has decreased the use of flyers. Many readers in the world come to the conclusion that nothing compares to having a book in their hands but how convenient it is to be able to take hundreds of books on our tablet or smartphone, right?

So here are some terms for you to start using these digital tools. Digital advertising has enough variations so that we can define it as multifaceted, and from this universe of possibilities, the strategies that are most adapted to the company must be chosen, taking into account its profitability and effectiveness.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This strategy makes the content you generate results from the search of your potential customers, directing them to your website and increasing the traffic of your portal.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) works in the same way (use of keywords) but this time it is specifically about products, and works hand in hand with Adwords (Pay Per Click).

When applying these strategies we must think well of the words that describe the product or content. What we should transmit is a direct message.



Is a strategy in which a company sends information related to services to the email address of the user. The true functionality of this strategy focuses on segmentation, since the information is only sent to users who have shown interest in the company or a database. Many of these ideas are used by companies that allow free downloads on lines with the only requirement to register.



The potential that social networks have today is simply incredible, not only because of the opportunity to connect with other people around the world and also to be able to share material of importance to all, if not the opportunity to do business and to facilitate the reach of products. The interesting thing about social networks such as Facebook is the reach that can be had with a specific group of people to what we call segmentation. So if we want to promote our product this tool has it all.

Another type of digital advertising may be the display technique that consists of placing ads or banners on a website. Basically, display advertising refers to any type of visual attribute that may generate interest in users during their browsing.

Of course, according to the business model of your company is the type of advertising you will implement, as a recommendation I think it is time to learn about the best digital business tools and consider using a smaller amount of printed material. At the end of the day we can make our business impact without damaging the environment.


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