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During 2018 we went to the different trade shows, collecting information, numbers, data and statistics from all the printers in the world. Thanks to the data collected one of the most important and relevant results are the statistics made for the entire solvent printers industry in Asia.

Asia has a large number of manufacturers and distributors of the largest brands in the world. After doing an analysis, it was determined that Asia is one of the continents that makes the most solvent and eco-solvent printers.

The following graphs show the comparative data of 2018 in the industry of solvent and eco-solvent printers.


This statistical chart shows the percentage of solvent printers vs. eco-solvent during 2018 in the different shows of Asia. Source: FLAAR-REPORTS.

To put it in context, 27% are solvent printers and 73% are now eco-solvents. This percentage has changed over the years because different laws in different countries prohibit the use of solvent printers or the chemical use of their inks, so people have slowly migrated to the use of green technology.

After defining the percentage of printers that use solvent inks and which use eco-solvents, there is another aspect that requires our attention thanks to the data collected.

Another aspect for which customers decide to buy certain printers is the size. To save time or generate more money, customers want a printer that can solve their needs, therefore in the market there are variety of sizes for different tasks and budgets that people may have.


The graph shows the data collected from both printers, solvents and eco-solvent. Source: FLAAR-REPORTS.

As it can be seen in the graph, the sizes of most manufactured printers are the sizes for standard jobs. That is to say, printers of 1.6 and 1.8 meters are normally used to print vinyl, for example, they can print smalle


The graph shows the data collected from both printers, solvents and eco-solvents. Source: FLAAR-REPORTS.

r pieces. While the 3.2 meters perform the work of the previous sizes plus that of the 5 meters. It is interesting to see how the 5 meter printers, used for giant billboards, are less exhibited in the shows, because it is very difficult to transport them or because they are more expensive, not many are built, but this phenomenon can also be seen in other shows around the world.

Another important point to choose one printer over another is the brand of printhead that the printer uses, for quality, precision and even repair or changing the part.


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