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Light Emitting Coating (LEC): A different way for advertising


Being part of the printing industry can open up your eyes in a way that makes anyone think outside the box. It’s true, big printed billboards sell, and other kinds of printed materials are always what big brands are doing to promote themselves. But the reality is that there is more than just digital printing, advertising can be done in many different ways and here is one that really impresses people when they first see it. Yes, we are talking about electro luminescent coating or light emitting coating (LEC).

Electro Luminescent (EL) paint is a coating that basically can light every surface that can be painted. It can be painted with multiple layers, so the lighting is on specific spots. It consists of applying different layered materials in order to get it lit.

Lit coating, if applied correctly can be turned on and off and the light intensity can be determined when applying the paint, but it can go from really soft to pretty intense.


Steps to follow:

  • Apply the power remittance layer
  • Isolator layer
  • LitCoat Pigment layer
    • LitCoat Anchor layer
  • LitCoat power remittance layer
  • Sealing clear coat. (This step is where you can be as creative as you want in order to create special and artistic effects).

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At first it was (and still is) used for people’s safety when a driving a car, motorcycle and when wearing a helmet. Nowadays this has been implemented in the aeronautical industry by lighting up jets for the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. They were really impressed with the technology and they went for it.

EL produces a single color light that can be visible through different kinds of atmospheric conditions and at really long distances and shines.

The reality is that even thought this is still a recent project, it can promise a lot. Some of the benefits of using EL instead of LED are that unlike LED, the brightness of EL is distributed in a way that it can always be perceived the same way, no matter in which angle are you.


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Advertising opportunities

Nowadays we can see different kinds of materials in the industry such as honeycomb boards, LED screens, aluminum and acrylic figures, etc. But imagine promoting your brand through commercial transports, such as buses, cars, subways, and many others. The cool part is that you can make your creative-self shine by making different designs like these ones:


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And imagine making any new advertising like those billboards mentioned before, but with EL designs. Or even implementing that on all kids of promotional material can start a new trend for other brands to follow.


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So definitely this is a new idea that will continue to expand and to get more popularity with time. So if you are trying to innovate with your promotional material, this can be a cool solution.


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