Lots of reasons to attend SGI 2019, Sign Middle East, Dubai

Two members from the FLAAR-REPORTS staff (Pablo M. Lee and Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth) will attend SGI 2019

The first half of January has a textile expo in Germany (Heimtextil) and a VISCOM in Germany, but the FLAAR-REPORTS team is skipping them and heading to SGI Dubai (Sign Middle East, Dubai, UAE).

FLAAR-REPORTS staff is ready to attend SGI 2019, Sign Middle East, Dubai

FLAAR-REPORTS staff is ready to attend SGI 2019, Sign Middle East, Dubai

Plus the Dubai expo is probably 100% larger or perhaps even 200% bigger than VISCOM. And the Dubai trade show has a significantly greater diversity of products than the textile-only expo in Germany. So let’s look at all the aspects of SGI 2019 that makes it attractive.


SGI has UV-curing printers, solvent printers, water-based printers, textile printers T-shirt printers and toner printers (including short-run digital presses). So lots of options.


Laminators: Roll-fed and Flatbed Applicators 

Six years ago there was one main brand of flatbed applicator; then each year additional brands came out. A new different flatbed applicator factory has asked FLAAR-REPORTS to visit their factory and write reports on their products. Laminators are still needed today, and also coaters (a coater puts your preference of surface finish or surface appearance onto your signs or other prints.



More and more, the ink brands are in the booths of distributors. But there are still several ink brands with their own booth or an ink themed section in their distributor booth. The FLAAR-REPORTS review writers have been flown to ink factories in Taiwan, Korea, China, EU, USA, and other countries. So we always keep track


Printable Media & Substrates 

We have enjoyed visiting factories and factory demo rooms of wide-format printable materials around the world. We always enjoy seeing all the brands and all the kinds of printable materials at international expos such as SGI Dubai 2019.



3D Printers & 3D Visual Communication

 3D printers are only one of many diverse ways of creating 3-dimensional visual communication.  I like honeycomb sandwich board as a material for 3-dimensional creations. You can use the material in its natural color, or you can print on it before you cut and join the pieces to create a car, a train, a building, or whatever concept or product you wish to show in 3-dimensions.


The other major factor is that Dubai and the UAE is a friendly place to visit. No street crime. Plus there are lots of places that everyone in your family will enjoy. So the FLAAR-REPORTS team looks forward to seeing you at SGI 2019 in Dubai, January 13, 14, and 15. We will be there the pre-show set-up day plus all three expo days.

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