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Print-and-Cut Automation in short printing processes


If there´s something we should feel fortunate in these times is how technology has come to facilitate our day to day. From something that has become indispensable as smartphones, tablet computers that combine to help us perform our work in a better way to the technology in print as are the print & cut printers. All these equipment has come to facilitate the job for us, from the space that it will occupy in our printshop to the speed in which we will have our final product.

In the market we can find many large companies that produce print-and-cut equipment such as: Mimaki, HP and Roland. This type of printers are present in the majority of trade shows, not to mention most of the distributors show them as their most demanded, an example of this FESPA Mexico where we could observe several models.



What can I do if I already have my print & cut?

  • Die-Cut labels and stickers
  • Banners
  • Decals for personalized T-Shirts and apparel
  • Signs
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Posters and backlit displays
  • Wall graphics and murals
  • Fine art and photos


2 in 1 print and cut equipment
Separate equipment

The advantage of having separate equipment is that you can choose from thousands of options your printer and your favorite cutter of any brand, as well as the inks and materials, this will depend on the client’s demands and the experiences he has had with the different companies the question is … Is it cheaper? Do you have the facility to find all the spare parts? Does your workflow allow you to update your equipment? In my opinion, if you have all these points covered, it will make you a little more independent.



All in 1

There are some advantages and reasons why it is more productive to have everything in one: big companies, as I mentioned before, sell you the whole package, printer and cutter, materials, inks, supplies for a reasonable price, considering everything you can do and what your printshop can achieve with this equipment.

When choosing from one manufacturer to the other, one of the best things you can do is go to a trade show and see for yourself the capacity of each company in real time, since obviously each brand will claim that their brand is better for customers we have different needs.

In conclusion the number of applications that can be produced with a print-and-cut is unlimited. They are also convenient for limited spaces and when you need to produce results fast.

roland-versacam-print-and-cut-vs-540-at-florida-graphics-supply-0721 2



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