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EFI MarketDirect Cross Media, a tool to personalize online communication


In the last ten years, the printing industry has witnessed how the Internet has impacted the volume of the print market, and some types of print services have practically disappeared.

Flyers and posters are on the way of extinction in most countries.

This inofgraphic posted in the blog of drupa, shows how in the first decade of the XXI century, the demand for advertising in printed newspapers declined by 60%.

While we don’t believe online communications will totally replace print services in the near future, we do believe print businesses can integrate online services as a way to adapt to the ever-growing communications technologies.

In this context, EFI has introduced a new version of an interesting online marketing platform, the EFI MarketDirect Cross Media.

EFI started as a software company, and behind its state-of-the-art wide-format printers, the software side of the company has been in constant evolution.


EFI MarketDirect Cross Media:

This is web-based platform for creating campaigns for

  • Email
  • Printed mail
  • Landing pages
  • Social Media
  • Surveys
  • SMS

One of the most interesting features of this platform is the ability to create personalized campaigns in all those types of online and offline communications.

EFI MarketDirect Cross Media is not only a distribution platform. It also has other interesting tools to work on the graphic design on your campaigns with templates you can easily customize

The image below shows the display you are presented with after selecting several media types. Element A is an invitation postcard that has a QR code on it. Element B is a landing page. Here you can see how you can link the QR code to the landing page just with a drag and drop movement.



As mentioned before, this platform is web-based and has an interesting feature called SmartCampaign, which allows you to create personalized communications for print, web, social media, and mobile.

This video shows some of the interesting features of the EFI MarketDirect Cross Media:


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