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Outsourcing for your Print shop? You may Need It


Outsourcing for your Print shop? It might be a Good Idea

A printing company can specialize in different areas such as printing short runs, giant billboards, or textiles or advertising material. Like the things they print, their technology may be just as diverse.

However, unless your printing company has the best technology and the biggest clients, there are print shops that do not have everything necessary to meet the demands of their customers. This is where companies must make an important decision and hire out services or companies that provide these extra services.

Outsourcing helps to carry out processes that a single company cannot perform because they do not have the equipment, space, staff or time to handle it.

If you need to laminate some material, why do not you buy a laminator? Or if you need to print on textile, why do not you buy a textile printer for your printing company? Well, the reality is that although many of us would like to have all this equipment in our company, it is a fairly large investment and this has its pros and cons, plus other types of factors to consider.

A current trend in the global market is a business that intends to perform a certain task and that’s it. Although diversifying is not bad, certain companies are very good at what they do and there is no reason to expand their services, and that is where we should all take advantage of this.

Subcontracting is a tool, an aid and an opportunity for your company to grow and diversify. There are different types of companies that can help you, it is important to learn about them so you can subcontract in the future, starting with:




Source: FLAAR-REPORTS Archive.

The suppliers of media, inks, printheads or basically any type of element in your printing process that is worn out regularly is important. Having a good relationship with them and looking for the best is essential so that your prints have the best possible quality.



These companies specialize in installing advertising or image material. They have the right tools so that the prints are impeccable wherever they need to be installed. Examples of this can be adhesive vinyl in shop windows or mobile advertising (vehicles of all sort).




Source: FLAAR-REPORTS Archive.

Each printing company has a minimum-printing requirement; however sometimes there are customers who print more or less items. In this case it is important to have large printers or small print shops who can do the work for you, in this way you can satisfy more of your customers and cover more ground were you can work on.

Another case for which it is important to have friendly printers is in case you need to print with another type of technology. Let’s say you have a solvent or UV printing and the client needs to print on textile, it is important to go to another specialized printing company to do the job and you do not lose this important customer.




Source: Services.

Your product, in this case the printed material, must be transported to different customers which may be far or near you. Having a fleet of vehicles to transport your product is important, but it may be expensive at first. You can outsource to a company so that they can do it for you, all the logistics and necessary things to deliver all those orders.




Source: FLAAR-REPORTS Archive.

Everything is about your product and what you can offer your client. On many occasions clients need specific things to reach and surpass their competition’s level and it is your job to make it happen. Finishing details like lamination, cutting, assembly or other processes might not be possible to accomplish in your print shop, so you will need to find a company dedicated to this. The best thing is to be able to find it before the clients begin to ask for it and in this way you can offer something even though the customer has not asked for it but they might need it. This is about the quality of your product and the relationship with your clients.



The key points of outsourcing services necessary for your diversification are:

  1. You save time
  2. You save investment costs (machinery, training, maintenance, etc.)
  3. Less stress
  4. More customers, more ground market
  5. You need less space
  6. Less staff and salaries



So far everything sounds like excellent advice, however it is important to evaluate the following points when outsourcing:

  • You will incur in additional costs
  • The final result does not depend on you
  • You could have communication problems with the other companies.


In conclusion, this article can point you to those who you should consider subcontracting in order to offer the best quality and possible attention to your clients. Like everything, there are pros and cons that you must evaluate, but we hope to have provided the necessary tools to make the best decision.


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