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Fujifilm could rebrand a SKYJET UV-Printer


Fujifilm could rebrand a SKYJET roll-to-roll UV-curing printer

Fujifilm, one of the most renowned companies in the wide-format printing industry, could start rebranding a very interesting printer manufactured by Sky Air-Ship, a Chinese printer manufacturer which makes the SKYJET printers.

Fujifilm has rebranded printers from well-known wide-format printer manufacturers such as

  • Inca
  • Oce
  • Matan
  • Mimaki

among others.

Apparently, the printer to be rebranded by Fujifilm is the SKYJET SDM3300, an interesting roll-to-roll UV-curing printer, which is capable of printing on both sides at the same time.

The SKYJET SMD 3300 at APPPEXPO 2018. By pure coincidence, the SKYJET booth was next to JHF, a brand that also has a rebranding project with Fujifilm.

The SKYJET SMD 3300 at APPPEXPO 2018. By pure coincidence, the SKYJET booth was next to JHF, a brand that also has a rebranding project with Fujifilm.

In fact, in the Chinese manufacturer website, this printer is listed as SKYJET SDM3300 Synchro Double-sided Inkjet Printer.

SKYJET is a printer brand we have known for over ten years and we have witnessed how the brand has grown and significantly improved their build quality.

So we know Fujifilm is testing a well built UV-curing printer.

In August 2018, a staff member published on his Linkedin account the photos with the text “Skyjet double sided printer in Fujifilm Japan”.


Actively looking for OEM partners

A few months before this publication, Fujifilm had exhibited another roll-to-roll UV-curing printer, the Fujifilm Acuity Ultra.

This roll-to-roll printer comes in two print widths: 3.2 m and a 5 m version capable of handling three rolls simultaneously.

The Acuity Ultra model is manufactured in collaboration with JHF, a printer manufacturer that has gained reputation in China and abroad.

But apparently, the model is not yet totally out of beta stage, or at least it wasn’t by the time FESPA 2018 was held, as the official press release stated there were several print shops testing this model in the UK and Spain.

Fujifilm is actively looking for manufacturing partners after EFI completed the acquisition of Matan, a printer manufacturer based in Israel that used to manufacture roll-to-roll models for Fujifilm.


Not the only printer manufacturer

At the recent APPPEXPO show held in Shanghai, and one of the biggest tradeshows in the wide-format printing industry, we saw key people from Agfa talking to managers at several booths of printer manufacturing companies in China.

This might be due to the fact that several printer manufacturers in China are improving their standards. In general, the build quality of Chinese printers is now significantly better than ten years ago.

It is not yet clear whether this type of collaborations between printer brands will be affected by the trade war some countries are imposing to Chinese products.


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