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After Pepsi Co. in 1993 made one of the first vinyl wraps on a bus to promote the Crystal Pepsi product, vinyl wrapping for advertising skyrocketed and everybody started using it.

The time, money and technology invested on improving adhesive vinyl through the years has been massive, but it has paid the effort. Companies like 3M, Avery Dennison and Orafol are some of the leader brands in the market worldwide.

3M booth in ISA 2018.

3M booth in ISA 2018.

Avery Dennison booth in FESPA 2018.

Avery Dennison booth in FESPA 2018.

Orafol booth in FESPA 2018.

Orafol booth in FESPA 2018.

Thanks to several companies that have developed printing technology it is possible now at days to create huge and better quality applications. Here are some examples of how you can use wrapping for your brand.


Wrap Advertising

As you may know, wrap advertising is all printing material wrapped onto a vehicle or object with the purpose to sell certain product or service. With that in mind, through time, people have adapted this type graphic advertising to different surfaces for different brands and products to reach more potential consumers.

Car and Bus Advertisement

One of the oldest and common, but still valid in the market is the car, bus and metro wrapping advertisement. They can reach millions of people even if it’s one the most traditional types of wrapping.


The New York City metro is one of the most utilized subways of the world. Having an amazing wrapping through all the wagons surely helps this TV program reach their target audience.


Big cities have a lot of cars, which means a lot of traffic, which means more potential buyers of certain products and brands.

Booth having one of the lowest CPM (Cost Per Thousands), they are great for advertising. They both have their pros and cons. The fleet media referring to advertising on vans, trucks or cars of a commercial fleet, have less reach than a TV spot but are also cheaper. Commercial fleet can also just be circulating in certain regions and usually the only advertisement that they do is about their own company.

On the other hand, you have truckside advertising. Trucks sell their space to advertise any company and one of the pros of this is that they drive longer distances than a commercial fleet, making the advertising more effective.



Big cities have a lot of cars, which means a lot of traffic, which means more potential buyers of certain products and brands.

Indoor Wrapping

Another type of advertising that has been growing during the last years it’s the indoor wrapping. Trying to use a different approach by using BTL advertising in malls for example, they have been wrapping escalators and elevators for example.


We can see this gum brand using BTL advertising and using wrapping in the side of the escalators to show how many gum and elastic a package of their brand can be.


This is another example used in D-PES during one of their shows.

Building Wrapping

One of the latest trends is the building wrapping. Because the big cities have grown, the space for advertising is reducing. There’s so much saturation in the metro, streets and roads that people are now renting spaces in building for advertising.


Thanks to the technology that focusses on printing wider and larger formats making building wrapping is possible.

Also in certain countries, regulations for security measures for construction or for making structural changes state they have to put a wrap all over the building to prevent anything from falling and causing accidents. Now, people have taken advantage of that and turned these wraps into advertising areas.


Photo courtesy of Berkeley.


Photo courtesy of Berkeley.


Photo courtesy of


Photo courtesy of

Building wrapping has been also used for advertising depending on the structure, making it even a BTL advertising.

Photo courtesy of Berkeley.

Photo courtesy of Berkeley.


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