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10 Advantages of Soft Signage

Textile printed sample. FLAAR-REPORTS Photo Archive.

Soft signage can be used in many applications and people are now drawn to it, but why is it so popular? Here is a list of the top ten advantages soft signage has over traditional signage:

  1. Lightweight: soft signage is lighter than vinyl and rigid substrates, and can be folded into smaller and more portable sizes than other materials.
  2. Less expensive: textiles are easier to transport because of their smaller size and weight, and becomes more cost effective. And also, textile equipment has become less expensive due to its increasing popularity.
  3. Easy to use: fabric applications can be easily assembled and installed by one person in a matter of minutes. Thanks to portability or the silicone edge fabric signage that makes it easy to install.
  4. Durability: many fabrics used today are fade, stain, crease and tear resistant, which makes them convenient for outdoor applications.
  5. Re-usability: fabric is less prone to get damaged than rigid materials because it does not crack or tear easily. Since it is lightweight and flexible, you can conveniently store it for future uses. Fabric can be washed and ironed flat after being stored to look pristine when it is re-used.
  6. Vibrant colors: if you are using dye sublimation printing onto polyester you will obtain very vibrant color quality.
  7. Luxurious appearance: fabric can give the appearance of luxury as a result of its unique texture and sharp image quality.
  8. Flexibility: soft signage can bend, stretch or fold to fit the structure where it will be placed without distorting, non-traditional shapes can be used as a base.
  9. Versatility: you can use soft-signage for both indoor and outdoor applications, use it for one-sided or double sided displays, use it on thin framed or frameless displays. Its non-reflective surface is useful specially when used as a photographic background that will absorb the flash.
  10. More environmentally friendly: many people consider fabric more eco-friendly than other substrates such as vinyl.

Just like anything in life, soft signage has advantages and disadvantages, and what some might consider a negative option, others might consider it a positive aspect.


This is a sign printed on fabric with an illuminated frame.


Textile is used as an illuminated backdrop to decorate this booth.

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