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DigiFab StampaJet K2-190, Textile Printer

DigiFab StampaJet K2-190 print close-up.

DigiFab StampaJet K2-190

DigiFab is a company dedicated to textile printing founded in the United States in 1994; from that moment on they have developed wide-format printers, inks, media, RIP software and finishing equipment. Many textile printer types are part of the DigiFab family, such as sticky belt, basic roll-to-roll with heating unit and dedicated roll-to-roll.

The DigiFab StampaJet K2-190 is part of a series of textile printers by DigiFab, with the same basic features and some differences, the main being their print width and number of printheads.


As you can see in the chart, there are two different widths and for each width a version with 2 or 4 printheads for faster speed.

The DigiFab K2-190 is the most basic model of the series, but its quality is just as good as the rest of the StampaJet K series printers. In order to understand this printer better, here is a small FAQ, including the main features of this printer.


Brand and Model

DigiFab StampaJet K2-190


Frontal view of the DigiFab StampaJet K2-190 printer.

Printer Structure

  1. Structure


  1. Feeding mechanism

At the back

  1. Is the feeding mechanism specially designed to handle textiles?


  1. Take-up mechanism

At the back

  1. Does it come with an integrated heating unit? Is it independent?



DigiFab rolls of media inside boxes.

Printer width and media

  1. Print Width

74.8” (1.90 m)

  1. Borderless printing?


  1. Media Thickness


  1. Media Type

Transfer Paper



  1. Brand

DigiFab DigiDye

  1. Ink manufacturer


  1. Type

Dye sublimation

  1. Number of colors

4 or 8

  1. Colors


  1. Per container delivered size

1 liter

DigiFab DigiDye ink bottles.

DigiFab DigiDye ink bottles.

Print heads

  1. Brand and model


  1. How many?


  1. Variable droplet: yes or no




  1. Printer name for RIP

DigiFab Evolution RIP

  1. RIP manufacturer



DigiFab Evolution RIP Software.

Hardware and additional process

  1. Hardware needed

Heating unit

  1. Is there pre-treatment before printing needed?

Yes for fabrics

  1. Is there post-treatment after printing needed?



Manufacturing and Sales

  1. Where is the printer manufactured?

United States

  1. Is it manufactured as a textile printer, or is it retrofitted?

As a sublimation printer



  1. Including labor, or only parts?


  1. How many months?


  1. Does it include print heads?

Limited warranty only when used with DigiDye Inks

DigiFab StampaJet K2-190 is a roll-to-roll wide-format printer for printing onto transfer paper using dye sublimation inks. DigiFab can supply the printer, media, inks and calender to transfer prints from paper onto the fabric.


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