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ColorPainter M-64s, a favorite for banners

ColorPainter M-64s at SGI Dubai 2018. Photo FLAAR Reports archive.

In the market of solvent printers there are many brands and printers exhibited in each of the tradeshows that we have had the opportunity to visit, one of them is the ColorPainter M-64s from OKI.


ColorPainter M-64s, A favorite for banners.

I think it’s no coincidence to see in most tradeshows a printer like the ColorPainter M-64s regardless of whether it’s in the OKI booth or a distributor’s booth.

During ISA 2018, we had the opportunity to carry out printing tests.

What are some advantages of the ColorPainter M-64s?

New SX ink – eco solvent

Some of the characteristics of this ink are the wide range of colors that offers, the longevity both for outdoor and indoor printing, ii is also worth mentioning the low odor of the ink that still smells even after a certain time after printing.

Durability and density

Realistically the durability and the details of the prints are a very delicate subject, since we must take into account factors such as the temperature of the place where it was printed as well as the temperature where the printing will be placed. Another important issue is the rain and the sun; it is true that as a user uses a solvent printer (or eco solvent) for indoor or outdoor advertising we must be clear that it has a useful lifespan.

New airflow and large heater

The OKI M-64S offers 64-inch printing width using 7 colours, with speeds up to 716 sq ft/h. It has with a new airflow design and large heater, especially for high productivity in signage and indoor graphics markets.

Ink cartridges

The ColorPainter M-64 comes with 1.5-liter large-capacity ink cartridges and built-in sub tanks that allow you to easily replace ink cartridges without interrupting print jobs.

The ColorPainter 7-color model M-64s offers gray ink, in addition to the standard 6-color configuration. Gray ink setting creates real images without monochrome color changes and offers the best image quality and smooth gradients.


ColorPainter M-64s


  • Maximum Media Width 64″(1.626 m)
  • Maximum Print Width6″(1.616 m)
  • Media Solvent printer oriented media such as PVC and Banner.
  • Ink Type Low-Odor and Eco-Solvent SX Ink
  • Colors 7 (Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, gray), 6 (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta)
  • Take-up Mode LOOSE winding mode with outer take-up
  • TENSION winding mode with outer take-up
  • TENSION winding mode with inner take-up
  • RIP ONYX RIPCenter OKI Edition

ColorPainter M-64s at SGI Dubai 2018. FLAAR-REPORTS Photo Archive.


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