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Aleph LaForte Optima Printers

Aleph LaForte Optima Fabric and Paper printers, Photos courtesy of Aleph.

Aleph has been in the textile market for many years, and while it is a well-known printer manufacturer in Italy, for the rest of the world they are part of the “new” brands revolutionizing the textile industry.

Aleph is located in Como, Italy a city we might consider a textile meca, where many of the major players in the industry have factories. Aleph is textile oriented and have manufactured printers for other companies to re-brand such as Mimaki (Tx-400b and Tx-500b); and drying systems used by Mimaki and Epson-Robustelli.

Aleph LaForte Optima Printer Series

LaForte Optima printer series was released in January 2018 but it is a variation, resulting from Aleph’s renovated image, of the Aleph Studio printer series launched in 2016. Both the LaForte Studio and Optima printer series have a version for printing onto paper and one for printing directly onto fabric.

One of the features that has caught my attention is the mechanism for handling media: instead of having a traditional sticky belt (with glues and need for washing) they have developed a more eco-friendly vacuum belt system (similar to the ones used by UV printers) for handling media.


Aleph LaForte Optima Fabric 340 at FESPA Berlin 2018. FLAAR Photo Archive.

Comparing the Aleph LaForte Optima Fabric and Paper

Both LaForte Optima Paper and Fabric printers are manufactured to produce medium volume prints at an industrial capacity. These printers were presented during FESPA Berlin 2018, so Aleph can enter the signage market for the first time.


The main difference between the LaForte Optima printers is the ink they use, both can use dye sublimation and pigment ink, but the Optima Fabric is the only one that can use acid, reactive and disperse dye.

Another thing that differentiates the Optima Fabric from the Optima Paper is that it comes in three widths, 1.85, 2.30 and 3.40 meters; while the Optima Paper only comes in two widths, 1.85 and 3.40 meters.


Aleph LaForte Optima Paper 180 at FESPA Berlin 2018. FLAAR Photo Archive.

It is also worth mentioning, that the Aleph LaForte Optima Paper 340 won the “Best Textile Printer on Transfer Paper” European Digital Press Association (EDP) award, at FESPA Global Print Expo 2018.

We still have a lot to learn about the Aleph LaForte Optima Fabric and Paper printers, but hope to see them at upcoming trade shows and learn more on them, in the next months.

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