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Upgrade your game with Elitron Kombo TH double-headed CNC cutter

FLAAR-Reports Archive.

So Far, 2018 has given us different game changing tools in the signage and printing industry. Different ink releases, different technologies, but the real proof of what can be accomplished are the applications shown in different tradeshows like ISA Orlando, APPPEXPO Shanghai and FESPA Berlin 2018.

Elitron didn’t want to miss the chance of surprise us this year with the new Kombo TH upgrade released in FESPA Berlin 2018.


Elitron at FESPA Berlin 2018.

Why the Elitron Kombo TH upgrade is a game changer?

Since its release, the Kombo TH took the spot, because of its ability to minimize the time and resources to make high quality cutter printing.


Kombo TH by Elitron, first realese in June 2014. Courtesy of Elitron.

It’s all about the workflow

In the printing industry the time its crucial and everybody knows it. The amount of time you spend changing materials, tools and cutting different pieces can be consuming.

The Kombo TH is a two-head multi-tool system that can process materials at a maximum speed of 106 m / min with 1.4 G for each cutting head (1.7xSD+ productivity).

It has a working area of 3.15 x 20.5m or 10.34 x 6.73ft. It also comes with a video projector to avoid unnecessary waste of materials.

Every cutting head works independently from one the other. You can cut two designs at the same time without changing heads, materials or stop processes. The multi-tool system is like a Swiss knife that allows you to use different blades and functions without dismounting anything, and helping you to buy more time.


Here you can see both of the multi-tool heads working simultaniously. Courtesy of Elitron.

The multi-tool system includes:
• Fixed or oscillating knife cutting module, electric and/or pneumatic
• Electrospindle milling module
• Creasing wheel module, with varying diameters up to 100mm
• Kiss cutting module
• 45° Knife module (other angles available)
• Pen module
• Laser pointer

The new update was announced on May 15th at FESPA Berlin 2018. And was well accepted by all the people that attended the show. FLAAR Reports was no exception; the staff that attended the show was able to see the elitron Kombo TH in action in their booth.

“Here you can cut different media on the working area during one working session without changing any tools, thanks to our multi-tool cutting head… The operator just has to retrieve the cut materials”

– Caroline Anne Bell, Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Applications for the Elitron Kombo TH

Because the printing industry is so demanding this cutter needs to have different purposes for the people to create and innovate.

During FESPA Berlin they showed different applications such as embossed logos, packaging, boxes, stickers, brochure holders, publicity banners and more; but not only that, they showed and recommended which materials are better to cut with to get a better, fine and accurate cut:
• Re-board
• Paper
• Cardboard
• Corrugated
• Forex
• Dibond
• Plastics
• Films and more.


Source: Fespa Daily,,

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