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New Fujifilm Acuity Ultra, roll-to-roll UV curing printer

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The Fujifilm Acuity Ultra is the company’s new super grand-format roll-to-roll UV printer. What’s new in it?

At the recent FESPA Berlin 2018, Fujifilm launched a new 5-meter roll-to-roll UV-curing printer, the Acuity Ultra.

According to FUJIFILM, there is also a 3.2-meter wide version of this new model.

Having two widths of a model is becoming a trend. In 2017, EFI launched the EFI VUTEk 5r, and the VUTEk 3r which is the 3.5-meter version. We visited EFI’s factory in Israel to write an evaluation on this machine.

Besides printing media up to 5-meters wide, the new Fujifilm Acuity Ultra is capable of printing on three rolls simultaneously.


The official press release states this printer has a 3 picoliter drop size. If the new Acuity Ultra uses the same printheads as the original model, it comes with Kyocera heads.

Fujifilm claims this printer produces “almost photographic quality”. But although we know Fujifilm rebrands quality printers, in general, you should take marketing claims with a grain of salt.

Because Fujifilm is an ink company, you can expect high-quality ink in this machine, which is available with up to eight ink channels.

The Fujifilm Acuity Ultra: The first super wide-format Acuity
More than 10 years ago, Fujifilm started using the “Acuity” brand name for smaller UV-curing printers. The first one was the Fujifilm Acuity HD 2504, which was a rebranded Oce Arizona 250GT.

Fujifilm has also rebranded Mimaki printers with the designation “Acuity”. But this is the first time the “Acuity” model designation is used in superwide-format printers.

The previous roll-to-roll line of super-wide printers was the Fujifilm UVIStar printers, which were rebranded Matan printers.

But since EFI acquired Matan a couple of years ago, Fujifilm needed to find another OEM for the superwide-format segment.

This new Fujifilm Acuity Ultra printer is manufactured by JHF, a renowned printer manufacturer in China. Kevin Rhodes, told FESPA Daily “…these printers have been developed in close collaboration” with an OEM partner.


According to Fujifilm, there are a number of beta sites testing this new printer in the UK and Spain.

We will continue to take notes on this interesting Fujifilm Acuity Ultra roll-to-roll UV-curing printer.

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