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DIMENSOR S, 3D Wallpaper Wide Format Printing Technology by Veika

Dimensor S, 3D wallpaper wide format printer.

Almost all wide-format printers can produce wallpaper as long as they use the correct substrate, but they will always have the limitation of having to use the predetermined texture available with the substrate.

Veika, a Lithuanian wallpaper materials producer as well as wide format digital printing technology, develops a new printing technology “DIMENSE”; which makes it possible to print the embossing at the same time as the item is digitally printed.

This printer was first introduced at DRUPA 2016, but it was until FESPA Hamburg 2017 that we had the opportunity to see it working.


Dimensor S, front view, FESPA Berlin 2018.


Dimensor S, rear view, FESPA Berlin 2018.

The DIMENSOR S is the first printer with “DIMENSE” technology; which uses reactive ink that raises when heated at 200°C in order to create fully variable embossed effects on 1mm thick PVC-free wallpaper, providing embossing effects that are as variable as the images that are printed.

The printer is has a roll-to-roll fed chassis structure with Epson DX7 heads and can achieve a 720dpi resolution with speed up to 20sqm/hr. The DIMENSOR S, uses CMYK latex ink plus the embossing agent that rises when it’s heated, and a PVC-free structure-forming Ecodeco media that Veika also invented. The combination of both components allows printing unique images, adding both color and dimension


The printer uses CMYK latex ink plus the embossing agent that rises when heated.

Since no rotation cylinder needed to be produced for each design, small batches become possible; new designs can be produced and tested easily and quickly for individual clients.

The company is planning to launch two new models; the M series in 2019 and the L series in 2020.


Dimensor S printed sample at FESPA Berlin 2018.


Dimensor S printed sample at FESPA Berlin 2018.


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