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ATPColor first 5.3-meter textile printer

Sample printed with Durst Rhotex 500 at FESPA Amsterdam 2016: top left corner before color fixation and lower right corner after fixation. FLAAR Photo Archive.

ATPColor DFP 2000 is the first 5.3-meter textile printer on the market; before this printer was introduced, Durst had already launched its Rhotex 500 a 5-meter textile printer.

Gandi Innovations Softjet 5000 is the same textile printer model as ATPColor DFP 2000, ATPColor manufactures both printers and Gandi Digital re-brands and sells the Softjet 5000.

At FESPA Hamburg 2017, where ATPColor officially launched the ATPColor DFP 2000, they did not exhibit it in their own booth; instead they exhibited the Gandi Digital Softjet 5000 in the booth of Gandi Digital.


Gandi Digital Softjet 5000 (ATPColor DFP 2000) at FESPA Hamburg 2017. FLAAR Photo Archive.

Equipped with an in-line fixation unit, the ATPColor DFP 2000 can print and fix color all at once. This way you do not have to worry about finding a 5-meter calender or more workspace. You can also print on two independent rolls placed side-by-side: a 1-meter wide and a 2.6-meter wide roll.

You can also choose some helpful optional accessories, such as an in-line cutting system, an in-line sewing system, a jumbo roll option, or a take-up supply. All these, to facilitate the operator and speed the printing and finishing workflow.


Gandi Digital Softjet 5000 (ATPColor DFP 2000) at FESPA Hamburg 2017. FLAAR Photo Archive.

The ATPColor DFP 2000 comes with 5-liter ink tanks to hold four or six ink colors. You can choose from Ricoh GEN5 (6 or 12 head configuration) or Kyocera (4, 6 or 8 head configuration) printheads.

The claimed print speeds using four colors, bidirectional mode and smooth screening are:

• 6 Ricoh G5: 120 sqm/h
• 12 Ricoh G5: 240 sqn/h
• 4 Kyocera: 160 sqm/h
• 8 Kyocera: 320 sqm/h

We have seen this printer during its launch in FESPA Hamburg this year, and will be seeing them in trade shows coming up. FLAAR has visited ATPColor headquarters near Milan, and are looking forward to visiting again sometime soon to evaluate the new textile printers.

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