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Stora Enso divests Re-board business in Sweden

Stora Enso divest the business and assets of Stora Enso Re-board AB.

Stora Enso has signed an agreement with Culas AB, which is partially owned by the current managing director of Stora Enso Re-board AB, John-Åke Svensson. To divest the business and assets of its Swedish subsidiary Stora Enso Re-board AB; a producer of rigid paperboard for expositions and displays.

The transaction is subject to negotiations under the Swedish Co-determination Act (MBL) and will have no significant impact on Stora Enso sales and operational EBIT. The transaction is expected to be finished during 2017.

“Stora Enso’s focus within packaging is on developing and delivering fibre-based solutions throughout the value chain. Re-board delivers a niche product and we believe that a new owner can better give this business the attention it deserves and develop it further,”

says Peter Torstensson, SVP and Head of Corrugated Nordics, Stora Enso’s Packaging Solutions division.


In 2011 FLAAR Reports visited Design Force (now Stora Enso) Re-board head quarters, in Sweden, for a three-day factory visit to learn about their applications and usages.

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