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For years UV-Curing printing has been one of the top priorities for customers in advertising, entertainment, education, events and the retail market;

These industries have a vast appetite for wide format printed materials like banners, posters, signage, wall coverings, POP displays and vehicle graphics.

Quick turnaround and cost effective print possibilities for the UV-Curing printers appear limitless and allow for printing directly onto acrylic, metal, wood, PVC, glass, and many other rigid and flexible substrates eliminating the need for mounting and laminating.

Nowadays the UV-Curing customers have increased massively reaching to artist’s communities. One of the advantages of UV digital printing is the availability of short runs; this allows artists to print one or two unique pieces and also to do sampling before printing the final piece of art.

Based on our coverage from different trade shows all around the world we at FLAAR Reports have been able to identify the different applications on samples from a huge variety of UV-curing printers.


Sample from Yotta UV-Curing printer at APPPEXPO 2017


Sample from Yotta UV-Curing printer at APPPEXPO 2017

Bonny Lhotka is a highly regarded artist and printmaker who has had a long history working with UV-Curing printers and has worked with Roland machines for many years. Lhotka recently used the large Roland flatbeds to make a new production piece, utilizing her caustigram print technique on metal that actually changes the properties of the media itself.

“I discovered that I can use UV printers to achieve my caustigram effect by printing white ink onto sanded metal— creating an image within the metal through a “cooking” process that uses dishwasher detergent, water then alcohol to dissolve the ink.”

– Bonny Lhotka, Artist and printmaker


Production piece for the Walker Fine Art Gallery in Denver

Source: Yotta, Roland, APPPEXPO 2017

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