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Recommended steps on how to preserve a UV-Curing printer

Recommended steps on how to preserve a UV-Curing printer
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All printers users aim to achieve a long-term printing with their machines; UV-Curing printer maintenance should include the following steps (however we recommend you only perform this steps if you are an experienced technician, and to take into consideration this might affect the warranty of your printer):


UV Printhead Cleaning

It is strongly recommended to clean printheads manually; in one hand it can save ink, reduce costs, and in the other hand, the nozzle state can be evaluated more clearly.


Detailed Operation on How to Clean a Ricoh Printhead

Step 1: Remove the whole printhead (including filters) from the printer and unscrew the plug of one exhaust pipe.

Step 2: Use a syringe to draw cleaning fluid and inject the fluid into the printhead from filter on the same side of the drainpipe. The cleaning fluid and ink will flow out from the drainpipe opened.

Step 3: Repeat the above operations several times until the liquid flowing out is transparent.

Step 4: Put a tube air and inject it into the same filter, and then screw on the lid of the drainpipe after the residual liquid is discharged.

Step 5: Put the cleaning liquid and inject it from the same filter, and the cleaning liquid will flow from the nozzles.

Step 6: After the liquid that flows from the nozzles becomes transparent, inject air to the filter to discharge the residual liquid, just like the way we mentioned above.

Step 7: Clean the print color channel with the same method.

Step 8: After the cleaning is finished, clean the printhead surface with a clean dust-free cloth.


UV Printer Ink Road Maintenance

UV ink will slowly precipitate a variety of impurities in the ink tube; it is suggested to replace with a set of new ink tubes every six months.


Guide Rail Maintenance

It is recommended to wipe the lead rail with lubricant oil every two months to achieve lubrication and maintenance, since it can reduce running noise and also reduce the wear and tear caused by friction.


Grating Ruler Maintenance

It is required once a month to use a non-woven cloth dipped in a little alcohol to slowly wipe the surface of the grating ruler to remove the dust and other crumbs.


UV Printing Platform And Surface Cleaning

It is recommended to remove the residual ink on the platform and the dust on the printer body with alcohol and non-woven cloth on a day-to-day basis.


Surrounding Environment Cleaning

If there is too much dust in the air floating and on the substrate surface, it will directly affect the printing effect, and there may be impurity dots or pattern may fade. Therefore, daily cleaning and ventilation is particularly important.

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Source: Yotta, APPPEXPO 2017

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