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Mimaki’s 3D UV-curable inkjet-printer – 3DUJ-P – Coming soon to America

The Mimaki 3D printer got a lot visits at ISA 2017. FLAAR Photo Archive.

The idea of 2D large format printing companies entering the 3D market, is a reality that is already happening.

The new Mimaki 3DUJ-P was introduced this last March at JAPAN SHOP. Mimaki, like HP, is entering the 3D market.

Both companies are already important within the printing world, and they both want to expand their horizons and enter the world of 3D printers.


Mimaki was promoting the new 3D printer using stickers and magnets, along with different printing demonstrations. FLAAR Photo Archive.

When was the new Mimaki 3D printer introduced in America?

In April, during ISA 2017 Mimaki presented its 3DUJ-P for the first time in America. This printer is not yet available in the US market. This however could take time.

At the end of this year Mimaki hopes to be able to bring the new equipment from Japan to start selling throughout America.

Aspects of the new 3DUJ-P

With the inkjet printing technology that Mimaki has, they offer hasta 10,000,000 color combinations.

Mimaki has acquired years of experience in inkjet printing technology. This Mimaki 3D printer offers up to 10 Million color combinations.

They promise a good performance and high qulity details. The samples that they showed at ISA 2017 were indeed high detail.


You can see the use of different colors and combinations in the samples. Also the precision and quality of the details. FLAAR Photo Archive.

The 3DUJ-P 3D printer comes with a clear ink and combining it with color ink it is possible to create half color transparent models.
Mimaki exhibited a 3D lamp model to better understand and feel the benefit of clear ink.
Water soluble removal for the support material is easy. Fine detail models can be made and removal of the support material does not affect its final design.

We are really excited to hope to make a full evaluation on this printer to test the performance and print quality, which Mimaki usually distinguishes of, once they launch the new 3D printer.

Source: www.mimakiusa.com

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