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efi REGGIANI Flexy, Textile Industrial Printer

efi REGGIANI ReNOIR Flexy textile printer at FESPA Hamburg 2017. FLAAR Photo Archive.

efi and REGGIANI launched the efi REGGIANI ReNOIR Flexy industrial textile printer at FESPA 2017. It has been almost two years after the first bought the later.

The efi REGGIANI Flexy is the first efi Reggiani machine with green chassis, the same shade as the REGGIANI logo. The green color of the printer also reflects the company’s environmentally friendly advantages such as an ink recovery system that reduces ink consumption.

The efi REGGIANI Flexy is a 1.8-meter industrial textile printer equipped with a “Dynaplast” transfer system similar to a sticky belt, so printing onto different fabrics is easier, it doesn’t matter if they are stretchable or not, woven or knitted. Some of the fabrics supported by the efi REGGIANI Flexy are:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Polyamide
  • Silk
  • Viscose
  • and blends such as: polyester/elastane and polyamide/elastane.

You can choose from five types of inkjet inks for the efi REGGIANI Flexy: acid dye, disperse dye, reactive dye, pigment and disperse sublimation. The efi REGGIANI textile inkjet inks come in eight different colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, red, blue and gray.

The printer comes equipped with eight industrial grade printheads, one per color, you can choose to use double CMYK or CMYK plus red, blue, orange and gray.


efi REGGIANI textile inkjet ink gallons.

The fabric feeding system of the efi REGGIANI Flexy can support a media roll of up to forty centimeters in diameter, the same as the optional fabric take-up.

You can also chose to add an industrial dryer chamber with a conveyor belt in-line after the printer and before the fabric take-up system. By putting all this equipment in-line, you save time and can produce higher quality prints.


efi REGGIANI belt industrial dryer.

Since the efi REGGIANI Flexy was launched this past May during FESPA Hamburg, we at FLAAR Reports are looking forward to seeing it again, so we can do a full evaluation of the printer so we can post updates and new information on this printer.

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