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Onset X, IN-LINE belt structure mechanism

In-line belt structure

In-line belt structure feeding mechanism has been rarely used on UV-curing printers; we at FLAAR Reports evaluated one of Fujifilm’s first versions at APPPEXPO 2015, the Onset Q40i was designed and built in the UK by Inca Digital. Its feeding mechanism gives the advantage of printing directly to a wide range of rigid and flexible materials: from standard display to industrial sheet media.

Onset Q40i at APPPEXPO 2015

Onset Q40i at APPPEXPO 2015.

Onset X

The newest version family: Onset X, has the capacity to add light colors, orange and white, besides of the four traditional channels of CMYK, increasing versatility, in combination with extra sets of CMYK to increase productivity. SGIA 2015 was one of the first trade shows to have on exhibition the Onset X2, claiming to bring a full width printhead arrays and UV lamp systems allowing an almost instantly cured print.

Onset X2 at SGIA 2015

Onset X2 at SGIA 2015.

Onset X2 and X3

Over this past year France-based wide format printer, SDPS Poinçon, has seen a boost in quality and productivity after investing in an Onset X2 from Fujifilm and changing it from its previous version the Onset Q40i.

Last year at SGIA we had the chance to evaluate the newest Onset X3, though comparing with different UV-curing printers at the trade show and at APPPEXPO, its lavender was “UV-over-saturated” and its font was crisp to small sizes, this determinates that in-line belt structure manufacturers still needs to improve their printers, even when it handles a 25-zone vacuum table and a fast curing.

Stay tuned since this year SGIA at New Orleans we at FLAAR Reports will be able to again evaluate the Onset X3, hopefully their estimation to choose between a 9, 14 or 27 picolitre drop size can be efficiently accurate for issues just like the ones described above.

Onset X3. Source: www.powerofinkjet.com

Onset X3. Source: www.powerofinkjet.com

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