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UV LED Curing Revolution

Phoseon Technology started out in 2002 as an in-line system inspection for MEMS technology and also developing LED light sources.

Over the years Phoseon visualized several issues on the curing techniques that the inkjet printing industry had, such as the heat generation, weight and maintenance, which could be effectively addressed by UV LED.

“What we have seen now is that we are successful with an approach totally dedicated to UV LED curing for digital printing. We can see now that the traditional ARC lamp providers are offering competitive products so we now see that it is a real industry and shows for healthy and strong market. But we still dominate the market in terms of the numbers of units. We have the best part of 60,000 light sources worldwide and a manufacturing capability to deliver against that. I guess to make a UV LED light source is not difficult. However can you make 10,000 of them, reliably, repeatedly and consistently? Probably not.”

– Robv Karsten, Phoseon Technology

Since ARC lamp systems carry an elevated radiation risk, ozone damage and high temperatures, UV LED has been the most reliable option because of its energy-saving technology and improving productivity. Though it is more precise, it also wastes less and the quality does not deteriorate.

Because they have been using UV LED curing technology for several years, Phoeson created the WhisperCool, with the main goal of establishing a direct communication with the staff, since its quiet and safe curing, will increase the productivity and profitability to ensure a high UV output and small form factor. For more information click play on the video below.

Over the years we at FLAAR Reports have noticed and engaged contact and communication with Phoseon Technology, below you may see different booths from several shows across the world that FLAAR Reports has visited.


Founder and President of FLAAR Reports, Dr Nicholas Hellmuth (left) with Robv Karsten (right) at Fespa Digital.


Phoseon Technology booth at LabelExpo

Source: Phoseon Technology, Industrial Print

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