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XAAR 2001 printhead on new Direct-to-Glass

Tecglass launched this past Glasstec in Dusseldorf, Germany; the new Vitro-Jet for digital glass decoration, featuring the latest XAAR 2001 which manages a TF Technology ink recirculation and XaarGuard nozzle plate technologies that ensure the longest maintenance-free production.


Vitro-Jet. Courtesy of Tecglass

Its performance can be optimized in real time, providing consistent print quality throughout the production, even though the factory conditions might change and also is capable of a range within three drop sizes, depending which suits best the clients business.

Ultimate image quality is achieved by jetting one colour at a resolution of up to 720 dpi with 2000 nozzles per printhead. Line speeds of up to 50 m/min ensure highest productivity and maximum throughput.


XAAR 2001 printhead. Courtesy of XAAR



“We have been using Xaar printheads for several years and are delighted to be the first company to launch an advanced digital glass decoration machine using the new Xaar 2001 to deliver the highest throughput levels in the industry today.”

– Javier Fernandez, Technical Director at Tecglass

We at FLAAR Reports were able to analyze this flatbed printer back in Dusseldorf this past September; Tecglass had a range of all new direct-to-glass printers, managing the all new XAAR 2001 and 2001+, we are going to keep on evaluating how this new printhead suits all this range of printers.


Vitro-Jet at Glasstec 2016

Source: XAAR, Tecglass

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