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CNC Flatbed Cutters for Eco Friendly POP Displays

CNC flatbed cutters allow unlimited applications in the manufacturing of signage, POP displays, interior decoration and furniture.

In the growing market of signage, POP displays, interior decoration and furniture; where day to day digital printing is becoming popular, we can see that the use of CNC equipment is no longer just an accessory, by now it is an essential part in the development of these areas.

Parallel to the printing area, there is another segment that should not be underestimated, as it is a pillar in the development of this type of material. Once you have a flatbed printer you will quickly understand the need to have a flatbed cutter to finish many of your printing jobs. You may need a cutter to trim your prints, or you may need to contour cut a figure, such as a beer bottle, or a human figure.


At APPPEXPO many of the booths were attractively decorated with honeycomb sandwich board.

Three-dimensional ant cut with a Kongsberg flatbed cutter.

Three-dimensional ant cut with a Kongsberg flatbed cutter.

Esko Kongsberg honeycomb cutting sample.

Esko Kongsberg honeycomb cutting sample.

This equipment is linked to availability in the market of lighter, resistant and 100% recyclable substrates. Opening the possibility of working with more environmentally eco-friendly materials.

These materials combined with a CNC flatbed cutter allows us to reduce manufacturing costs in both materials and labor. The elaboration of a display previously done with wood and that took a long time in manufacturing can easily be made by one person in 10 minutes costing a fraction of the original price.


POP display at FESPA trade show.


Designs and shapes are endless as your imagination.


Spacecraft made of a 100% recyclable material exhibited at Sign Africa show.

In this time when more than 50% of advertising is reached by virtual media (phones, tablet, TV, etc.) these applications give an advantage to traditional print media to stand out in the market and capture the attention of the target group at a low cost.

This gives almost unlimited applications that we can have for this type of material combined with this type of machinery. Designs and shapes are as endless as your imagination.

Be creative, be friendly, BE GREEN.

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