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Kornit on-demand Fashion Production to be tested on Project Runway

Kornit Allegro direct-to-fabric printer. FLAAR photo archive.

Kornit Digital is an Israeli manufacturer of textile printers, software and pigment inks, they have been in the market since 2002. Kornit printers are industrial and for direct-to-garment printing, using its own NeoPigment ink and a pre-treatment system incorporated to the printer, so no additional equipment for this step is required. Which is a great advantage over the rest of the direct-to garment printers, also the fact that Kornit printers are high-speed and do not require any post-treatment.

FLAAR Reports have seen Kornit printers over the years at different trade shows, at first they only exhibited t-shirt printers, until 2011 when they introduced their first wide-format printer: Kornit Allegro.

The Allegro wide-format model has been well accepted in the industry, probably due to the fact that the colors produced with it are amazingly bright and vivid. This is a very hard thing to accomplish with pigment inks, with time some brands have been able to produce brighter colors, this aspect of pigment ink is still evolving.


Kornit Fashion Show at ITMA Milano 2015.

With the evolution of color, timesaving processes, and availability for customization the range of applications for digital printing is growing. One example of this is the roll of Kornit Allegro in “Sink or Swim” the next episode of Lifetime’s Emmy-nominated Project Runway. This is a huge deal for Kornit and the digital textile printing, since fashion is a multi-million dollar industry and Project Runway, which has been called “a lesson in fashion” by the Washington Post, is now running its fifteenth season.

The challenge is to create a swimsuit and a cover-up, the have to create a custom design; which will be printed and returned to them the next morning. A Kornit and a Papilio person as well as Tim Gunn, the show’s co-host, will advise all contestants. All custom designs will be printed at Papilio Prints in New Jersey using their Kornit Allegro. The finished winning design will be showcased as part of Heidi Klum, the host’s swimwear line.


Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum of Project Runway. Photo courtesy of Kornit Digital.


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