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Full Color 3D Printing is now possible with RoVa4D

Courtesy of Kickstarter

We all know 3D printing is the new sensation and everybody wants to play with that toy that can convert 2D into 3D reality. But the truth is that 3D printing is still evolving and there are still a lot of details to improve when it comes to the printing quality.

3D printing, as we know it, allows you to either print with one color or to print one color after the other; this type of printing allows you to combine filaments, but the colors are still separated from each other. RoVa4D is advertising that it will be able to accomplish 3D printing by doing color blending, this printer will print the exact color you want by selecting it in the computer.


Different views of the RoVa4D. Courtesy of 3D printer and 3D printing news

This was a Kickstarter project by ORD Solutions, a Canadian brand. The main purpose of this new printer is for you to be able to print just as you would with a 2D home desktop printer. You just buy the CMYK + W filaments to blend and… Voilà! You can print every single color you want. The filaments go into a single hot end to be mixed and deposited to a single nozzle; this allows you to print unlimited colors in a single pass. It also allows you to print gradients or blocks of color.


CMYK + W filaments. Courtesy of 3D printer and 3D printing news

Source: 3D printer and 3D printing news

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